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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally Going to the Ped. Neurologist Tomorrow

We will go to see Griffin's neurologist tomorrow to find out if his complex tics are from Tourette's Syndrome or some other mysterious disorder. It scares Griffin and as his mother that deeply concerns me. He has tics that are not only in his head and neck but also in his torso and legs. Please keep Griffin in your thoughts and meditations/prayers that there is something treatable going on and not something really serious.

Griffin turned 10 years old last month and he is acting like a big boy now with more responsibilities and he has been a much better listener when I ask him to do something it is less likely that I have to remind him that he will have consequences like losing computer time or that I will have to count to 5...I only get to 3 then he snaps to it, LOL. When I tell him that it is time to do something other than the computer on the weekends he has no problem and gladly goes to his desk to draw or goes to his room to play with his toys. Speaking of toys, he was such a really good sport when it was time for us to finally donate a significant quantity of his toys to Salvation Army. I explained to him that we were taking them there because there is so many girls and boys who cannot afford to get brand new "cool" toys like the ones we were donating, so he was helping them out by bringing them there he seemed happy to help.

I tried to upload photos of Griffin feeding the ducks, today, but for some reason I could not get them off of the phone, still working on that.