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Monday, August 31, 2009

Everything is Going Great !

Griffin had his first lesson on Friday and he did a great job listening and following directions. The instructor was simply awesome and made sure that the boys didn't get bored. They did exercises while on the horse and played games too. Griffin has no fear of being atop such a large animal, he seemed perfectly delighted.

School is going great as well. His teacher has sent home notes every day letting me know that he has had a wonderful day and that she is so happy to have him in her class. He is taking the Focalin XR 5mg each morning and it seems to be helping him out quite well. He loses his appetite during lunch but has breakfast and dinner so the doc said that it's no big deal.

We spent Saturday with Griffin's guardian, Stephanie, and had a great time. Griffin loves her so much and talks to her all the time that he is with her and on the phone as well. She has been such a wonderful support for us and so much fun to spend time with. We both love doing the same things and sit and talk for hours drinking lots of yummy coffee.

Can't wait for school to start! I miss Griffin while he is in school, I have stayed busy cleaning and made two collages; one of Griffin and one of my niece and nephew and now I read blogs and read my ancient history book. Hopefully I will begin school on the 7th...I am so excited to begin!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

Griffin's new teacher wrote a note saying that he had a great day and she also called and left a message bragging about what a wonderful day he had. Needless to say I am thrilled and excited that perhaps this is going to be the right place for him to succeed.

I have spoken to everyone at the school who will have contact with him for therapy and special needs resource and they all seem to be happy that I am so pro-active and totally interested in what/how he does. I am just going to wait about 2 weeks to let things settle down and give them a chance to see how Griffin is doing then we can share information based on observations.

Every morning so far he has been up, eating, and ready to stand outside to wait for the bus, so that is a great sign. I was very productive yesterday, got the apartment totally cleaned and three loads of laundry done. Was still left with time on my hands and missing my little buddy, don't know what I will do today. I have started working on the book again, doing some writing so I will probably do that for the better part of the day. Can't wait until my classes start again so that I can put my brain to work again...nothing beats a good mental/intellectual challenge to fill the day.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am Still a Straight A student!

I just made another A in my English Composition class therefore I now have 5 straight A's. I am so thrilled that I just had to share the news with everyone.

Next I will be taking English 101 Proficiency in Writing and History before 1650 and I am so excited. I just love learning and having the intellectual stimulation with lots of challenges.

Later I will be taking Ancient Greece, Forestry w/lab, and I want to add one more to make sure that I stay busy while Griffin is in school and to get that much closer to my degree.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Horseback Riding

Griffin had his evaluation yesterday at the therapeutic horseback riding farm. He laughed so hard he couldn't stop. You can see in this video how happy he is. They said that he did so well that after one more lesson he will be able to guide the horse himself without the front leader holding the reins. I am so very proud of him! He rode Tonnka, a wonderfully gentle horse who responded very well to Griffin's guidance. I am so excited to see him do it again and again, the next lesson is on the 28th.

Friday, August 07, 2009

North Carolina is SO Cool!!!!

Yes, it is so more ways than one. The weather is so much cooler than in SC, I hardly have to run the A/C ever. Most of the time the windows are open and there is lots of shade so that when the breeze blows it is nice and cool.

Griffin seems to be well adjusted in his new surroundings and he knows that school will be starting soon so I hope that it means that he will be prepared for that transition. He will be riding the special needs bus with one of the little boys that he often talks to here who is a neighbor. I have signed him up for hippotherapy (special needs horseback riding) and I am soooo thrilled for him, I believe that he is going to love it.

Griffin and I met his new pediatrician and she is awesome! She is referring him to a developmental doctor at the clinic for developmental disabilities where they can help us get OT and Speech. That is so excellent because he didn't have that in SC but he did have it in Alaska.

I am still a straight A student! I just made an A in my History of the American Indian class...I am so happy. I can't wait until I get my grade from my English Composition class, so far I have an A but there are a few assignments that she hasn't graded yet.

It is so nice to be near my friends. They came over two weekends ago with lots of linens, a bed for Griffin, and they decorated the apt. for us. They even rearranged the kitchen so that I had more space. My bedroom looks like a fancy five star hotel room, one that would include a bottle of champagne and a Godiva chocolate on the pillow. Now that's a first for me. I have hardly ever decorated my abode, especially not so much that everything matches, so it is really cool.

Everything is wonderful and I have nothing to complain about...Life is GOOD! I will take some pics of the gorgeous mountains and post them soon.