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Friday, March 10, 2017

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Piano, and Singing

Our lives have changed exponentially since joining the church after being baptized. The missionaries visit us a few times a week, we attend church on Sunday, and on Wednesday Griffin goes to Boy Scouts at the church. We are so joyful now, our lives now have so much meaning and purpose since having faith in Heavenly Father. I don't like to spend too much time talking about it because I am still just learning so much mostly by reading Scripture every day several times a day and having discussions, going to classes at church, and meetings. I love learning so much every day. Griffin is so excited too and enjoys when we read Scripture together and pray together.

One day at church Griffin was sitting next to one of the sisters who was teaching him America the Beautiful and she said that he learned it from just showing him once and then I found out that he taught himself to play It's a Small World just by ear. He is amazing more and more each day. One of the brothers is giving Griffin a piano which is such a huge blessing because I want him to start piano lessons as soon as possible. One of the sisters teaches piano but she doesn't have an opening yet for lessons but he is next on the list.

Griffin loves to sing and everyone at church knows it because he sings from the heart and is not shy about it. Once he walked up behind the youth choir director (who is also a youth) and started singing while looking at his book. Later Bartell asked if Griffin would like to be in the youth choir and Griffin said "Yes!" with great enthusiasm. So Bartell is going to give us a call .

School is going great, Griffin is making excellent progress. We just had a meeting and decided that things should stay the same for awhile until he is completely successful for at least two weeks and then we will meet again and decide what the next move is as far as increasing his time in school and challenging him. The intensive in home team is stepping down and I am frankly glad because it is less complicated that way and besides the school has a new assistant to Griffin named Mike who seems to be a great fit for him. I think that that kind of consistency is going to be essential to his success rather than with intensive in home where they were never on a regular schedule it was always someone different.

Now I just have to work on a few things with him at home and out in public as far as behavior goes. I spoke to Brother Thorton who used to be a special ed teacher to find strategies to use that I  can stick to and be consistent with in order to improve his behavior at home and in public and in church. Last Sunday was a conference and he was up walking around during the service asking people loudly if they had a pencil he could borrow. I don't usually get embarrassed but that was ridiculous and the he walked right out of the building without listening to me at the end and wouldn't come back. I was so upset but of course I couldn't lose my cool in front of everyone at least I didn't feel that it was appropriate at the time.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Great Vistit In SC With My Parents/Back To School

I was terribly sick during the Christmas holiday as I had some kind of wicked virus that wasn't the flu so we didn't get to go to SC to visit as we had planned for a long time and Griffin was terribly disappointed. But we did get to go for New Year's Eve and we stayed about 3 days. It was nice to see them as it had been about 6 months since we had been down there. I had to rent a car because there was no way that our car would have made it. We didn't do much really but I did get to sit and look at recipes with my mom and talk with her, that is one thing that we do love to do together because we both love to cook. Griffin mostly watched dvds as I had taken his player and small TV down so that he would have something to do. He wanted so badly to stay up and watch New Year's Rockin' Eve and watch the ball drop so we did but it was a bit disappointing because it only came on 30 minutes before midnight and they only had one performer...not like it used to be.

Griffin's return to school on Jan. 3rd and ever since has been a huge success! He is so thrilled to be back in school even if he is not allowed to use the computer. His teacher and Intensive In Home team say that he is getting his work done quickly, completing it all, getting it all correct with time left over to look at Garfield books until I get there. His behavior has been excellent and Mrs. Keith said that the work, especially the math, is really hard work and that she is very proud of him. I had thought that I was going to need to give him incentives or rewards but just going to school is reward enough for him.