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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RIP Michael

My precious and most beloved brother of only 41 years passed away in his sleep Sunday night, he left behind a very devoted wife and two kids. Michael has had a series of seizures of unknown cause and left him with considerable brain damage and it is my understanding that he had one in his sleep causing a fatal stroke.

Michael and I were best buddies growing up and would often gang up on my sister Lisa who was left to watch over us while both parents worked to make ends meet. We had a lot of fun together, there were many fond memories that I will never forget. Michael was the most kind and considerate man that I have ever known and was a great role model for his kids. he showed nothing but respect to his wife. I have always been proud to be his sister.

When I became a teenager and had interest in boys we kind of drifted apart subsequently I moved to Washington state on the other side of the country.Many years have passed and for the past 4 years I have lived back from whence I came to be closer to my family.

I don't think that so far Griffin has any concept of death and that he will never see his uncle Michael again or why so many people are sad and crying. I have attempted to find a way of helping him but he just doesn't seem interested. So I just let it go and will wait to see if he has any questions.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Waiting for Changes

I have been in such a brain fog and in such pain and barely able to function so I have not been online at all, not even to check my e-mail. I don't know what has been going on but today I feel better after a month or so. I think that all that has been going on has been either my fibromyalgia or the meds that I have been taking and stopped, or something else but I believe that I will be here more now because I have missed the blogsphere and all my facebook friends too.

Griffin has been going through some changes and some of that he expresses by lashing out and I hate it for him because I think that a great deal of it has to do with the fact that he can't find the right words to use when dealing with emotions. I have started him on Intuniv again and he is now on the 2mg once a day so we haven't seen any difference yet. In the meantime I patiently await a transformation because using rewards doesn't work anymore and taking away privileges doesn't either.

Griffin has all male teachers this year and I think that he really likes that and responds well since he has no other male influences in his life now. My precious little guy has told me that he was bullied at school so I had a meeting with his teachers and the autism specialist for the district to get down to the root of the problem. Griffin let us know that the bully was from last year but he saw him in the hallway this year. It wasn't until later that day while at the psychologist that I found out that the bully's name is Clinton and he is in Griffin classroom but he could not articulate exactly what the other boy said to him.

Maybe what the boy said was not abusive to an NT (us) but is hurtful to Griffin because he doesn't understand or maybe the boy said something and laughed and embarrassed Griffin...funny that I find myself using that as an example because Griffin has told me quite firmly that he doesn't get embarrassed and I wonder if we are on the same page.

I try to not get too angry about the bully situation yet until I find out more from Griffin and  how it is affecting him. He has been lashing out all summer so the hostility that he has is not directly related to the bullying exclusively if at all.