Single Moms Raising Autistic Sons

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Life Is Good!

Just a quick update...Things are going absolutely AWESOME! A slight glitch with my car the radiator cap was the wrong one and it was overheating. I had to have it towed and was without it a few days but I am very grateful that it wasn't anything major.

for everything in my life. I have come this far and am living in the present moment each moment at a time and loving life and appreciating every breath so much more. Since I have learned to live mindfully and meditate while doing everyday activities I have been thriving so much more productive, joyful, grateful, and sleeping like a log which I had never done in my entire life thus far.

Griffin is thriving as well as we are still homeschooling preparing for next year when he wants to go to high school. He has matured so much it is amazing. His manners are impeccable and he just conducts himself like a wonderfully kind and sociable young man.

Hope all is well with everyone!