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Monday, March 30, 2009

I Think It's Time For A BIP

I got a long typed out letter from Griffin's shadow today and apparently he is having some major setbacks as far as behavior goes in all areas and times during the day. He has a really hard time making choices which I think stems from the teacher who was abusive to him nearly 2 years ago. She belittled Griffin when he made mistakes and now he is afraid of getting things wrong and making choices. 

His behavior at home has not been stellar to say the least, he pitches fits when he doesn't get his way and starts screaming and crying then just loses control of himself. I am firm with him and tell him not to yell at me and that he needs to calm down before we can discuss his choices. Usually he will calm down but it takes him at least a good 30 minutes to do so.

So, I think that it is time for us to have a BIP in place so that he will know what is in store for him if he misbehaves. I put a note in his folder for his teacher and shadow. His shadow tells him as Griffin is about to go home from school that he needs to go straight home and do his homework and not to give mommy a fuss about it and it works! He hasn't given me any grief about homework at all, he sits there and does it all on his own and most of the time without asking questions of me.

I believe that if we have a Behavioral Intervention Plan in place and it is used across the board then he will straighten up. He has been really good at pushing buttons and it is time for the buttons to be moved around and have new consequences for his bad behavior.

It has gotten so bad that he can't even make choices for what he wants to eat during lunch and at home he is stuck on fish sticks and french fries and seldom wants anything else unless it is macaroni and cheese. If I suggest anything else he loses it and it is just ridiculous. I don't know if any of this comes from his Bipolar Disorder or not but I plan on asking his doctor if he thinks that his meds need to be tweaked or not. His shadow just thinks that he is just being a stubborn (my word) obstinate (my word) 7 year old. She is so incredible and does such an awesome job with him she is sweet until it is time to be firm and she is great at both.

I made an 84 on my midterm so I still have a 91 (A) average but have to do well on my 8-10 page essay that is due next week. This week we are studying Judaism so I am excited to learn all about it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Griffin's Swimming has Vastley Improved

If you watch the video you will see how well Griffin is swimming and it has improved so much just in the past few months. He is actually using his arms and legs at the same time! I am so very proud of him.

The challenge that his teacher and shadow have at school is that Griffin is being stubborn about learning to listen to the teacher and not expecting the shadow to give him all of his cues. Our goal is for him to be independent and go into second grade without the shadow. Regardless of that he is doing very well academically and he is doing all of his homework without me around, I watch him from a distance and he stays on task until he is done.

I made an A in my first class online! And I made an A on my first essay for my current class, World Religions! I love this class and all that I am learning about religions even though I am agnostic I still find it fascinating. All the different beliefs and what they dictate for their societies is so interesting. I am on Hinduism right now and have Buddism next. I am writing my final essay on Wicca and it's growing popularity in the United States and the effects that it will have on our society. I love to write so doing essays is a welcome challenge for me.