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Friday, August 19, 2016

Getting Excited About Starting School

This year Griffin will be a freshman in high school. He has been homeschooling for the past two years and it is definitely time for a change. He wants (and needs) to make new friends his age, to swim in the school swimming pool (his favorite physical activity), learn new things academically, and to just enjoy the whole high school experience. I am so happy for him, he has really grown and developed these past two years learning a lot about living and now the things that he has not had so much of he will finally get in high school. I cannot provide him with all those things and he rightly deserves it in order to develop and progress further.

I must confess that I will miss having him around but the time to myself will be enriching as I will fill my hours being quite productive and creative enjoying all the activities that I have not been able to do while having him home all the time. I haven't planned anything thus far but I am sure when the time comes I will come up with plenty of ideas such as returning to my artwork and writing again they are both sorely missed.

We are still using the library computers and my time is about up so I shall bring this post to an end. Life is wonderful, more and more every day. We had a big blessing today with our car having to pay far less than having been quoted for the front brakes so I am ever so grateful. And he fixed our front windows no charge.