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Monday, June 03, 2013

June 3, 2013. Two More Days Til Summer Break

Well, school is almost out (Wed.) and then comes the dread of what to do all day, all week, all avoid that inevitable whining that he is bored and that he expects me to provide entertainment for him as long as he is not busy with the computer, TV, or playing with his stuffed animals, sometimes he draws too. But 3/4 of the day he is restless and I don`t blame him, after all he is a healthy young pre-teen boy with plenty of energy to go around the only problem is that I run out of ideas of what to do for free or little money and that is not far away (because my car is old and I don`t know if I can trust it on a long trip).

We go to the lake,swimming, picnicing, and always to the park with Abby then of course to the playground when he can be enticed but....those things only hold his attention for so long just like everything else, then we are back home because I can only do so much...besides, we are usually tired and ready for home by then.

I am sitting at the lake enjoying the cool breeze in the morning, the beautiful songbirds, andI I am amused by the antics of the clever squirrels bouncing about and traversing the trees with such ease.

Please pray for my Aunt Patty who has stage 4 lung cancer and she is very sick right now.
She needs hope, faith, & to move to SC to be with loved ones.