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Monday, July 17, 2017

A Great Summer and Surrounded by Love

At our Mormon/LDS church we have met so many wonderful, loving, compassionate, understanding, accepting people/church members. They are the most caring people who are also the least judgmental people I have ever met in my life. They have helped me and Griffin so very much more than I ever could have imagined and the greatest part is that they are altruistic and expect nothing in return.

Elder Creasey and Elder Swindler have been so kind and helpful ever since we first met them which is the very beginning of the process of conversion. They have moved on to different areas and one has even moved on out of being a missionary but we are all still very close. Griffin loves them too.

Griffin said opening and closing prayers for the very first time yesterday, Sunday and what an amazing job he did! I am so very proud of him for so many reasons because he has matured so much just since beginning church less than 6 months ago. He is devout in his beliefs and is so righteous because he is one of God's chosen ones who is special and forever innocent due to his special needs. He would never intentionally harm anyone or anything because he has no idea of how to be malicious or spiteful or hateful. My dad denies that he has anything different about him and blames him for everything that he does and yells at him all the time getting angry at him all the time so I just tell Griffin to stay away from him because my dad is the one with the problem not my son! He is missing out on what could have been a wonderful relationship it is so sad.

But we are having an awesome summer and I will hate to see it end. We always get along now because we love and understand each other more than ever before since having the Gospel in our lives and growing close to Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ!