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Monday, November 24, 2008

Fresh New Haircut and Teeth Cleaning

Griffin just got a fresh new haircut and the best part is that he sat there all by himself for the first time and cooperated with the barber sitting perfectly still. Also Griffin went to the dentist and for the most part he laid very still and cooperated with the dentist and hygienist too. He got a clean bill of health...........NO cavities! His 6 year molars are coming in and he has a loose tooth in the front.

I am so proud of my little guy who is getting to be a big guy because he is maturing and growing up so fast. He has just recently shown improvement in dealing with the outside world and coping with any surprises that may come along while we are out.

On Thanksgiving my sister and her family will be coming down from North Carolina which will be great. I think that most likely Griffin will not be partaking in the "feast" because he hardly eats anything, no variety, and try as we might he probably will not even taste the food, those days are long gone. I hope that one day he will begin trying new foods again so that there is more variety and more nutrition in his daily diet.

We will be moving out of this house where we have been for two years into a place of our own. Once again we will have our own space and Griffin will have his own bedroom. It is only a one bedroom but I will sleep in the living room so that Griffin can have the bedroom all to himself. I am so excited to make a fresh new start and to be close to my parents' house will be a bonus. We will only be about 15 minutes away from them. Got to get lots of new stuff to furnish the house and we've got to move next month because I am beginning school online in January. I will be very busy in December so I don't know how much blogging I will have time for but I hope to be able to keep you updated

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Griffin is a Teletubbies fanatic! I believe that the show is meant for preschoolers but it makes no difference to him because it is practically all he talks about. He also loves Zoboomafoo which I am thrilled with because it is so educational and is fun for me to watch as well, it is all about all kinds of animals domestic and exotic. Griffin is almost 7 years old and I hope that by the time he is at an age where he is social that he has gotten over his Teletubbies craze, not to worry though because it is not as though he carries them around everywhere.

I just hope that at some point Griffin will be interested in age-appropriate characters and will talk about things that are interesting to his typical peers when the time comes. I guess that I shouldn't get ahead of myself and worry about the future, it is not as though I worry per se but it does cross my mind once in awhile.

It is official but not quite complete but.............I am a student again! I will be taking courses from an online university and majoring in English so that one day I can finally finish writing that book that I have been working on for quite some time. I am thrilled to be intellectually stimulated again and to be studying my all time favorite subject. It has been since I was 21 years old that I have attended a university and I am a firm believer that it is never too late to go back to school. It may take me awhile but I shall savor every moment of it. To begin with I am going to take it easy because of course I will still be home schooling Griffin so I need to know how much I can handle while doing both. Certainly it will be a challenge but I am so ready for it and I feel confident that the more work I have the harder I will try and the more that I will accomplish.

The weather is just perfect somewhere in the lower 60's windy and sunny with the leaves falling all around and I just love it! This is truly my favorite time of the year. I love wearing my sweaters and having the wind blow through my hair, it is so exhilirating.

Griffin's handwriting is coming along nicely and he is staying in the lines much much better. There is now a distinct difference between his upper and lower case letters and his handwriting is much more ledgible as well. He still loves drawing and takes advantage of every opportunity to do so. I have found that he is not so easily frustrated lately when doing his work and is able to sit for a wee bit longer per session of learning. We still take breaks of course but he isn't as eager to hop up and announce that it is time for a break so much anymore. My little guy is growing up and maturing more and more each day.

Oh yes, I am feeling way better today that I have been since my surgery and it is day 10. I actually ate two small pieces of pizza and was so excited to eat some "normal" food again. Today I am not watching the clock and wondering when I can take another pain killer so that my mouth would stop hurting, the meds are not as necessary today which is wonderful! Can't wait for Thanksgiving so I can really eat some great food and also to spend some time with my family from North Carolina.

Monday, November 10, 2008

OMG! IT HURTS! It's Been 5 Days Already!

I was under the impression that things would get better and that with time I would feel better but NOOOOOOOOOO!

I feel as bad today as I did the moment I woke up from surgery after the pain meds began to wear off. And what's worse is that the pain is now in my ears as well. So now it feels as though I have full blown ear infections and a butchered throat. Yes, I am being a complainer right now and I realize that it is not going to help me feel any better but what the heck, what else have I got to do? So if there's anyone out there who needs to have a tonsillectomy, I highly recommend that you take lots of time off of work and make sure that you have someone who is going to help you out and nurture you through the entire process. And believe me...........the pain medication does NOT work!

Okay, that's enough...........I am finished with my whining and shall retire to bed, lie down and watch some TV.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Things are going relatively well but Griffin has been exceptionally upset that his mommy is not feeling well and that things are so different. It is really difficult to talk, especially in the evening so when he had his meltdown I had to just step aside until he calmed down so that we could discuss what was bothering him. Of course he couldn't come up with the words to describe how he was feeling and why so I gave him his meds and I laid down waiting for my anxiety medication to kick in. Then I finally got him to climb into bed and snuggle and now he is asleep.

I do not know if I need to increase his meds or not because his meltdowns are becoming more frequent lately and he is losing control of himself again. There is no talking to him when he is so much beside himself so I just have to take a few deep breaths and hang on until he is able to get a hold of himself.......then we talk.

It just amazes me how much going under anesthesia can wear out a body for several days and I suppose that the stress that surgery puts on the body is a major contributor to the fatigue and lethargy. I just wish that I could sleep more because that is what I need the most of in order to bounce back more quickly. There were some complications during the surgery, apparently I bled out pretty bad and the doctors were concerned that they would have to give me a transfusion. My blood pressure was so extremely high that they kept me overnight in the hospital, everything that they tried wouldn't help so they gave me some phenegran for sleep but I kept waking up in excuciating pain. Nowdays they are very strict about how often pain meds are given so.........I was just so happy to get home and to put it all behind me and hopefully soon I will be able to do all the things that I am accustomed to doing each day.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Surgery Today.......Yipee!

Not looking forward to the pain! Granted, it is merely a tonsillectomy but I have heard nothing but horror stories about how bad it is going to hurt and how much longer it takes an adult to recover compared to a child. One point that was brought to my attention is that I will probably lose weight since I will be getting all of my nutrition through a straw and if that is true then it will all be worth it and perhaps it will help make the pain more bearable.

Guess I will be sleeping a lot and I am hoping that it won't be long before I am able to sit here at the computer and communicate with my friends because I truly doubt that I will feel like talking on the phone. I am so grateful that mom is able to help me with Griffin because if we were in Anchorage I don't think that I would be able to have the surgery.

I hope that Griffin will have an understanding of what is going on, that mommy needs to sleep because she is not feeling well. I am sure that mom will be able to help him to understand that mommy is not able to play with him or to take him places. Of course I will explain it to him again later before I go in and I certainly hope that he doesn't get upset because the sweet little guy has such a huge heart and we both are so very close, especially now that we have been home schooling.

It is so strange, that little twinge in my chest that lets me know that there is a certain degree of apprehension, as much as I try to not feel remains. It is just an outpatient procedure and really quite routine for the doctor but every time that I go under anesthesia it does tend to make me a bit nervous. I do not plan on going anywhere for a very long time because there is a higher purpose in my life and nobody can do it like I do!