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Friday, November 07, 2008

Things are going relatively well but Griffin has been exceptionally upset that his mommy is not feeling well and that things are so different. It is really difficult to talk, especially in the evening so when he had his meltdown I had to just step aside until he calmed down so that we could discuss what was bothering him. Of course he couldn't come up with the words to describe how he was feeling and why so I gave him his meds and I laid down waiting for my anxiety medication to kick in. Then I finally got him to climb into bed and snuggle and now he is asleep.

I do not know if I need to increase his meds or not because his meltdowns are becoming more frequent lately and he is losing control of himself again. There is no talking to him when he is so much beside himself so I just have to take a few deep breaths and hang on until he is able to get a hold of himself.......then we talk.

It just amazes me how much going under anesthesia can wear out a body for several days and I suppose that the stress that surgery puts on the body is a major contributor to the fatigue and lethargy. I just wish that I could sleep more because that is what I need the most of in order to bounce back more quickly. There were some complications during the surgery, apparently I bled out pretty bad and the doctors were concerned that they would have to give me a transfusion. My blood pressure was so extremely high that they kept me overnight in the hospital, everything that they tried wouldn't help so they gave me some phenegran for sleep but I kept waking up in excuciating pain. Nowdays they are very strict about how often pain meds are given so.........I was just so happy to get home and to put it all behind me and hopefully soon I will be able to do all the things that I am accustomed to doing each day.


gretchen said...

Hang in there Lora!! I am a few days late in reading this, so hopefully you are feeling much better by now :-)

Anonymous said...

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