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Monday, November 24, 2008

Fresh New Haircut and Teeth Cleaning

Griffin just got a fresh new haircut and the best part is that he sat there all by himself for the first time and cooperated with the barber sitting perfectly still. Also Griffin went to the dentist and for the most part he laid very still and cooperated with the dentist and hygienist too. He got a clean bill of health...........NO cavities! His 6 year molars are coming in and he has a loose tooth in the front.

I am so proud of my little guy who is getting to be a big guy because he is maturing and growing up so fast. He has just recently shown improvement in dealing with the outside world and coping with any surprises that may come along while we are out.

On Thanksgiving my sister and her family will be coming down from North Carolina which will be great. I think that most likely Griffin will not be partaking in the "feast" because he hardly eats anything, no variety, and try as we might he probably will not even taste the food, those days are long gone. I hope that one day he will begin trying new foods again so that there is more variety and more nutrition in his daily diet.

We will be moving out of this house where we have been for two years into a place of our own. Once again we will have our own space and Griffin will have his own bedroom. It is only a one bedroom but I will sleep in the living room so that Griffin can have the bedroom all to himself. I am so excited to make a fresh new start and to be close to my parents' house will be a bonus. We will only be about 15 minutes away from them. Got to get lots of new stuff to furnish the house and we've got to move next month because I am beginning school online in January. I will be very busy in December so I don't know how much blogging I will have time for but I hope to be able to keep you updated


Miekie said...

I am so glad that Griffin is showing social progress. I hope that he'll enjoy Thanksgiving and that he'll at least taste the food. How does he get along with his cousins?
Good luck with the move! We have our prize giving on Thursday and our homeschool closes on Friday 28 Nov till 14 January - so our blog will also be asleep, but please do not forget us! Happy Thanksgiving!

KC's Blog said...

So exciting Lora! We are both going to be moving! I am just not exactly sure whn the move will happen. We hve to put this place on the market and hope it sells. I want to move badly. Having three boys in this place its getting a bit tight.
I am sorry I haven't wrote in soooo long (gosh I suck) the boys have kept me so busy that I don't know what I am doing half the time. K.C. is home with a fever today and he is sitting with me poking me in the eyes as I type.
Griffin looks so cute! Gosh he's such a big boy now. Give him a hug for us and our love.
A student! You go girl! I am so happy for you! It is exciting!
We love you guys bunches and bunches!
Tina and Boys

Shari said...

Hi, Lora,

I'm new to your site, but have to say very impressed about your delightful style of writing about your life with Griffin. It sounds challenging and rewarding. The teacher he has sounds like she could use a little more training and sensitivity. Good luck with her!

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