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Monday, November 10, 2008

OMG! IT HURTS! It's Been 5 Days Already!

I was under the impression that things would get better and that with time I would feel better but NOOOOOOOOOO!

I feel as bad today as I did the moment I woke up from surgery after the pain meds began to wear off. And what's worse is that the pain is now in my ears as well. So now it feels as though I have full blown ear infections and a butchered throat. Yes, I am being a complainer right now and I realize that it is not going to help me feel any better but what the heck, what else have I got to do? So if there's anyone out there who needs to have a tonsillectomy, I highly recommend that you take lots of time off of work and make sure that you have someone who is going to help you out and nurture you through the entire process. And believe me...........the pain medication does NOT work!

Okay, that's enough...........I am finished with my whining and shall retire to bed, lie down and watch some TV.


Melinda said...

hoping you feel better soon!

Miekie said...

I cannot imagine how sore it is, but sounds just awful! (I'm 57 and have never had an operation - lucky me). I hope you feel better soon!