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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Making Progress While Out of School

I decided after Griffin had lashed out several times at his teachers that it would be best that we explore some new avenues in which to help him and to figure out what the root cause is to this aggression. Intensive in home has been slow going as change such that is necessary takes some time but we just can't risk him hurting others or for him to get arrested because one of the teachers decide to press charges, he does not need that trauma in his life it would devastate him.

So with Family Preservation Services the team who is doing Intensive In Home, had referred me to their psychiatrist because I wanted Griffin to see someone who could change his meds because I have had a feeling that more could be done in that area. We saw Dr. Lee and boy was I impressed with his extensive knowledge of the ASD/ADHD teenage it functions and what makes it work efficiently and what types of deficiencies cause neurological issues such as aggressive impulsivity , his ticks, OCD, and a plethora of other symptoms that are undesirable. It was so nice that after we had finished our discussion and as he was writing the script for an increase to 3mg of Intuniv, he told me that all of this is fixable which gave me all the hope that I needed to get through this tough spot that we have been facing.

I am also getting a psych evaluation for him to rule out anything psychological which I rather doubt because he is only having outbursts not really mental health issues. But I do want to be sure and cover all of our bases. When he is ready to go back to school whenever that may be then I want to feel confident that he is in the best of health and quite capable of staying calm in all instances. That is no matter what triggers may occur that he is going to be stable and be able to use his words when he gets upset and frustrated.

The Intensive In Home team is so amazing and how I wish that the last three times that we had I.I.H that the groups (different company) would have been so thorough and so truly "intensive" in their therapy but at least we finally have people who are truly dedicated and have many years of experience in ASD to guide their decisions as they guide us.