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Saturday, November 15, 2008


Griffin is a Teletubbies fanatic! I believe that the show is meant for preschoolers but it makes no difference to him because it is practically all he talks about. He also loves Zoboomafoo which I am thrilled with because it is so educational and is fun for me to watch as well, it is all about all kinds of animals domestic and exotic. Griffin is almost 7 years old and I hope that by the time he is at an age where he is social that he has gotten over his Teletubbies craze, not to worry though because it is not as though he carries them around everywhere.

I just hope that at some point Griffin will be interested in age-appropriate characters and will talk about things that are interesting to his typical peers when the time comes. I guess that I shouldn't get ahead of myself and worry about the future, it is not as though I worry per se but it does cross my mind once in awhile.

It is official but not quite complete but.............I am a student again! I will be taking courses from an online university and majoring in English so that one day I can finally finish writing that book that I have been working on for quite some time. I am thrilled to be intellectually stimulated again and to be studying my all time favorite subject. It has been since I was 21 years old that I have attended a university and I am a firm believer that it is never too late to go back to school. It may take me awhile but I shall savor every moment of it. To begin with I am going to take it easy because of course I will still be home schooling Griffin so I need to know how much I can handle while doing both. Certainly it will be a challenge but I am so ready for it and I feel confident that the more work I have the harder I will try and the more that I will accomplish.

The weather is just perfect somewhere in the lower 60's windy and sunny with the leaves falling all around and I just love it! This is truly my favorite time of the year. I love wearing my sweaters and having the wind blow through my hair, it is so exhilirating.

Griffin's handwriting is coming along nicely and he is staying in the lines much much better. There is now a distinct difference between his upper and lower case letters and his handwriting is much more ledgible as well. He still loves drawing and takes advantage of every opportunity to do so. I have found that he is not so easily frustrated lately when doing his work and is able to sit for a wee bit longer per session of learning. We still take breaks of course but he isn't as eager to hop up and announce that it is time for a break so much anymore. My little guy is growing up and maturing more and more each day.

Oh yes, I am feeling way better today that I have been since my surgery and it is day 10. I actually ate two small pieces of pizza and was so excited to eat some "normal" food again. Today I am not watching the clock and wondering when I can take another pain killer so that my mouth would stop hurting, the meds are not as necessary today which is wonderful! Can't wait for Thanksgiving so I can really eat some great food and also to spend some time with my family from North Carolina.


Miekie said...

Ah finally the comments opened! Tammy is 13, but she still enjoys Pre-school T.V. shows. What the heck? If she enjoys them... I think though that her taste will mature. Recently she is very into The High School Musical series and Hannah Montana. I bought her a Hannah Montana book for her prize giving - I am convinced she will be able to read it.
Good luck with your studies. I originally qualified as a high school teacher, but after 9 years of having a play group at home, I enrolled for my Higher National Diploma (Preprimary) postgraduate at a correspondence university. (I was in my forties). I loved it and graduated with honours! Studying when one is more mature has lots of benefits - you are more committed, have better insight etc. etc., but it is tough going with a family! God bless!

gretchen said...

Yes, Henry (at 9) still loves to watch the little kid shows on the Disney channel. The day will come very soon that his 4-year-old brother will tell him that he's too old to watch those shows! I don't look forward to that.

Henry is interested in Star Wars and superheroes also, so he does have some interests in common with his peers, but I wonder how much that gap will grow over time?

kristi said...

Best wishes on your college experience, I am in week 8 of mine!