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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Swimming Lessons

How I wish that I could post pictures or videos of Griffin when he is swimming and during his lessons because he is such a fish having absolutely NO fear whatsoever of the water. But, it is for that very reason that he is getting lessons because the statistics for drowning of Autistic children is very high as they are attracted to bodies of water. He has the best instructor that he has ever had even after several attempts over the years, and her name is Elly. She is so sweet and treats him with such respect and understanding. Elly knows exactly how to talk to him and approach teaching him she is so special to us and I am so grateful to have her in our lives. She will eventually be going to backpack across Europe and I told her that we have got to keep in touch. She agreed.

We will have the ABA assessment next Friday with Hannah and Matt to get things started and I am so excited. It will be intensive at 2 hours a day 5 days a week but we need it so much. Matt asked me if I was going to put him in school but I asked him if he thinks that teachers who have their minds made up that he is manipulative and always wants his way and that he belongs in the place where wayward boys go, if they are trainable . I was going to homeschool him again because of their attitudes but he wants to give it a chance because he said that school is such a great place for progress and social opportunities. I am still not sure.

Griffin had developed some stemming where he hits his head with his fist and makes some vocal sounds, they were coming and going but when he had them they were constant so bad that I took him to the doctor for a neurology referral. The missionaries had given him a blessing and it worked in just a matter of a few days they were completely gone. Faith is miraculous!

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