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Friday, August 07, 2009

North Carolina is SO Cool!!!!

Yes, it is so more ways than one. The weather is so much cooler than in SC, I hardly have to run the A/C ever. Most of the time the windows are open and there is lots of shade so that when the breeze blows it is nice and cool.

Griffin seems to be well adjusted in his new surroundings and he knows that school will be starting soon so I hope that it means that he will be prepared for that transition. He will be riding the special needs bus with one of the little boys that he often talks to here who is a neighbor. I have signed him up for hippotherapy (special needs horseback riding) and I am soooo thrilled for him, I believe that he is going to love it.

Griffin and I met his new pediatrician and she is awesome! She is referring him to a developmental doctor at the clinic for developmental disabilities where they can help us get OT and Speech. That is so excellent because he didn't have that in SC but he did have it in Alaska.

I am still a straight A student! I just made an A in my History of the American Indian class...I am so happy. I can't wait until I get my grade from my English Composition class, so far I have an A but there are a few assignments that she hasn't graded yet.

It is so nice to be near my friends. They came over two weekends ago with lots of linens, a bed for Griffin, and they decorated the apt. for us. They even rearranged the kitchen so that I had more space. My bedroom looks like a fancy five star hotel room, one that would include a bottle of champagne and a Godiva chocolate on the pillow. Now that's a first for me. I have hardly ever decorated my abode, especially not so much that everything matches, so it is really cool.

Everything is wonderful and I have nothing to complain about...Life is GOOD! I will take some pics of the gorgeous mountains and post them soon.

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GClef1970 said...

I am SO happy for you, Lora! <3