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Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's Official....We Have a New Place to Live!

I always love to see my precious angel sleeping and periodically take pics of him as he grows older. Not that he is not precious when he is awake but there is pure innocence when he is sleeping.

We finally got our new apartment in NC and it is nice...with 2 bedrooms! We have been just getting by with Griffin sleeping either on the couch or on the bed and then I would just sleep on the opposite. So this will be very nice, for us both to have our own space. The apt. manager lives above us so it should be very quiet there. She also has an autistic son who is about 17 years, I think.

Well, I won't have the Internet for a week or two while moving, can't afford the cost of the deposit. But as soon as I get it, I will post and let ya know how things are going for us. Got to find out which school Griffin will be going to and get him registered and schedule and IEP.

It will be so nice to be near my friends and sister, brother, and their families. A totally different atmosphere in NC than in SC that's for sure!


Maddy said...

Well that's a relief. Look forward to your 'reconnection' too.

Crystal said...