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Monday, September 19, 2005

All The Wonderful Individuals Who Enrich Our Lives

These are the people whom I would like to thank for making our lives more special. Note: I will constantly be updating this list just in case I accidentally left someone out , it will only be temporary. Love to you all: My loving parents whose support gets me through each day , my compassionate sister Lisa and her family, my big little brother Michael , Lisa, Hayden, and Hayley (who always brings smiles into our day), Sheila Sellers (dear friend and educator), Gayle Baker (O.T.), Lisa Miller (SLP), Nancy (SLP), Tracy (O.T.), Ev Irving (preschool teacher), Kathleen (preschool teacher), Nina (our sweet friend), Dr. Baker and his staff, Dr. Breenen and staff, Ali and Wade (our awesome buddies), Susan and family (our long distance friends), Sue, Tom, Hemi and Taylor (super friends and great support) , Chunnisee (where would I be without your help?), and Marilyn (thanks for listening).

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