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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Little Guy is Growing Up

As you can see Griffin lost his first upper tooth and it is so bittersweet because he is growing up so fast and although I am proud of him it is still kind of sad. Lately he has shown more and more need for independence and having his own space, much more than ever before. So mommy yields to his desire and often it nearly brings me to tears. 

Yesterday Griffin had in his backpack a note from a little girl in his class that had been put in his cubby apparently. She wrote: Dear Griffin I like u Yvonne with a picture she drew of a little boy and girl holding hands...............for sure that brought me to tears! I can't believe it, that he has already gotten his first love letter and he has only been in school for 2 weeks! His shadow told me that he likes another little girl named Brittany and I asked why he had singled her out and she said that "She is very pretty and has long brown hair". But when I asked what Brittany thought of Griffin she replied that she didn't think that she noticed him but I truly doubt that he really cares.

Griffin has been getting nearly all 100's on all of his school and homework and his handwriting has improved 10 fold just in the past week. When we do homework he tries really hard to make sure that it is correct and that he stays in the lines. He is really slow and careful but that is a good thing because the speed will increase over time.

I have been "in school" for only about 3 weeks now and I am at the point where I sometimes get overwhelmed and I am only taking one class. I guess that I just need to get used to it and figure out how to pace myself. I find that I need frequent breaks or else I end up just starring at the screen while attempting to read and accomplish nothing. It is very good for me to be using my noggin once again and to have that intellectual challenge that I have been missing for so many years so I love it! Next month I will begin World Religions and I am very excited about that. For the better part of adulthood I have been fascinated with spiritual beliefs and how they all seem to have a common thread. Especially after reading Joseph Campbell which has made me more aware of not just religion(s) but also of my own spirituality. Even though I am agnostic I do consider myself to be a spiritual individual, it is something that is very personal and private.

My health has not been too good lately. About 2 or 3 weeks ago I began having episodes in the evening where my head would tingle and my skin would crawl really bad. Then I feel foggy and disoriented but had no pain. I noticed that only if I lie down it would lessen but as long as I was standing or sitting the symptoms would not go away. I went and am still going to see the neurologist for tests: EEG, MRI, sleep study, and a test for my circulation to my head. So far all I know is that my circulation is okay but we haven't ruled out seizures or having something else going on in my head. I will find out on Feb. 4th. 


KC's Blog said...

He sure is growing up! He's so cute missing his toofer:)
I am really mad at your father Lora. How dare he yell at Griffin. I wouldn't allow Griffin to go over there ever again until he apologizes at least! He has got to apologize to Griffin! Maybe your Mom can just come to see Griffin at your home? How does Griffin feel about your Dad? I wonder if he is picking up on his bad vibes? Oh my God if he treats his dumb ol dogs better than Griffin screw him Lora! I'm sorry to sound so mean but Griffin is just a little boy and he is surely more important than his dogs. Follow your heart hun. You always make the best choices for Griffin.
A love note? That is so cute! Keep that note and frame it! He will get way more through the years, but the first one is just too cute!
You my dear are an awesome Mama. You can tell because of how wonderful Griffin is and how intelligent he is. You have always done right by Griffin and make that man apologize to your little boy.
We love you guys very much,
sorry I haven't wrote in soooo long, I haven't even checked my emails, these boys keep me so busy.....

Miekie said...

Dear Lora
Have you received your medical test results already? How are you doing? It must be very hard to study while you are not feeling 100%! I pray for Griffin. Sounds like he is doing well. Keep it both of you!

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