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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Griffin is Still Having a Hard Time at School

Melissa H. maybe you might have some ideas of what might be the issue here. Griffin is just flat out being obstinate at school and totally refuses to do anything that is required of him. They have tried all kinds of different approaches and nothing has worked. He has even started to ignore his PE coach whom he claims to like and his teacher he ignores even though he likes her too.

He is fine at home except when he has to take a shower/bath and most times he loses it but will ultimately end up giving in and going through with it. I guess that perhaps he is okay at home because it is his down time and there is not that much required of him except for homework. As far as that goes he does it willingly but usually has to be reminded constantly to stay on task.

My dear friend of mine thinks that maybe because he doesn't like his shadow that it could be stemming from that and just branching out to others. I am just so glad that there are only a few days left of school but what about next year? How do I get things straightened out before then? How can I prepare him for second grade where he will have no shadow to help him cope?

Today was the first day of the increase in the Focalin XR up from 10mg to 15mg so I guess that we shall see as it gets to be at a therapeutic level. I feel so bad for him because I just think that he is feeling weird/miserable and that is part of the problem, he just loses control of his emotions. Goodness knows that I have been through that with my Bipolar ups and downs with meds that weren't right for me and needed to be adjusted.

Melissa, do you think that these symptoms could be from the Bipolar and that maybe we need to adjust his Abilify? Tina, what do you think about it? Do you think that any of this could be something other than a medicine issue?

I need some advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Melissa H said...

Lora, I'm laughing because I got nothin'! Conor does exactly the same thing. A few weeks ago, he decided to haul off and smack his 1:1 at church right across the face because he didn't like her anymore!! I don't know if it is autism or bipolar, but I *do* know that increasing his Abilify made him much more cooperative. His issue was that he wanted to do what HE wanted to do, screw everyone else at school (and church). I was actually just thinking about this today because kids on the spectrum could care less about pleasing adults like NT kids! That is usually the incentive for NT kids: Uh oh, don't want to get in trouble. Kids on the spectrum? They're #1. LOL

kristi said...

Lora, I hope this works out for you. It is tough, isn't it?? TC is not medicated and is doing well but we have struggles with bad language still. We are trying new things and they seem to be working.

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Hi Lora:

I have so been there, done that over the years. First, relax and try to get away from it for a little bit. Then look at any journals that you kept since well before the changes. If you don't have journals just start thinking about what you can remember and note anything that could have triggered it.

Has Griffin been on Ablify for a while and has it worked well. It turned on Billy Ray and our documentation was able to show that it started with that med. Once weaned off. On the other hand, Billy Ray doesn't react to meds the way others might. That doesn't mean it isn't great for Griffin.

KC's Blog said...

Lora is the school suggesting Griffin go it alone for second grade? If so I am very, very concerned. If Griffin has a tough time staying on task what will happen to the little fella if he's without a shadow? His emotions may get the better of him. It will be very stressful.
It sorta sounds like adjusting his meds is kinda making him feel a bit unstable. It's so so hard finding the right balance, oh boy oh boy do we ever know that and the waiting is just so hard along with all the emotions one goes through.
I think when you find the right balance for Griffin he will start to level out.
To me it also sounds like he just has had it with that school. He's totally shutting down cause it's gotten to be too much for him. That is just my opinion, but it does sound like that is what he's doing to cope. Maybe he could be homeschooled for the remainder? For second grade a change in venue (school) would be best or homeschooled. Lora do you have center based Habilitation in your city? You could have him at Hab during part of his school hours and they would work with him on whatever you requested. His respite hours and hab hours can be combined.
We love you guys very much