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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mental Illness and the Lack of Concern

It always amazes me how people dismiss mental illness issues as opposed to physical injuries. I have had so little support and not even heard from those whom I thought were very dear friends to me. THAT HURTS LIKE HELL! Even my own mother didn't call to see how I was doing! Damn good thing that I am not suicidal because it would be a good time to check out.

As if it is not hard enough to get through all this and raise an autistic child then I don't even have the support that I need to feel like anybody gives a damn. I now have 2 people who are here that call to check on me and I truly appreciate that. Had to stop talking to my sister because all she would do is minimize my issues and trigger me to no end. I do have friends who call from afar and e-mail me to see how things are going and to show their concern.

It sucks to have a mental illness and how people treat me as if I had some kind of disease that they would die from if they contacted me. Thanks a lot people! Having horrible attacks of anxiety every day that are debilitating isn't enough, it is HELL to feel like I am hardly cared for and loved. My anxiety meds don't work for me and I am on the max dose. So now my PTSD is full blown and I can't get it under control. Sure wish that I was not treated that way too bad I wasn't in a car accident, I would have had flowers and everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


mommy~dearest said...

Lora, I wish I had something comforting to say, or was able to help in some way. Is there anything I can do? Be well, and give your beautiful son a squeeze.

KC's Blog said...

Lora I am so sorry I havent been there for you my friend. We love you guys and it hurts my heart to know that I let you go it alone. Please forgive me. I want you to we really love you guys and always want the best for you mentally and physically. I surely can understand the horrible feelings you are having. I have been SO manic this week I can't think about anything, just the kids, you and Griffin give me comfort. I feel alone. I have my brother who I stay away from but now have to "deal with" directly. Sitting in Synagogue has provided comfort. The holiest high holiday and my dad passing away well, no words can describe it. My relatives are here taking over and I am going to seetle Adam down because he's been a mess bless him. I'm going to talk to him and try to get him take a nap with me. I'm going to just talk to him about how I feel right now and let him know that I bet he feels like that too. Maybe he'll sleep.
We love you both so much. Please pray my friends for strength for us all.