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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Working Towards Progress

We are expecting some new changes next week when the Family Preservation team come to our home in order to help us learn how to co-operate to get Griffin on the bus without so much friction between us. Some days it is just impossible to get him out of bed, dressed, and out the door to the bus. It is time that I get some help other than just the Intuvin because he still has some aggressive outbursts and everything that I have tried just doesn't work.

I think that riding the bus is important for him because he can learn social skills with his peers, granted that it is not a mainstream bus it is still instrumental  in helping him learn how to be more independent and to cope with situations that might arise while away from mommy. He is quite fond of the bus driver and assistant so he does look to them for support.

I had a meeting with Griffin's teacher and he explained to me how Griffin has been doing in class. He is on the borderline of being "at risk" but we are taking steps to make some changes to help him turn that around. Mr. Kirk has given Griffin a lot of support and I feel that he has gone that extra mile that none of his teachers has done since moving to the lower 48 from Alaska. Griffin had the ideal situation in Anchorage so I am grateful to finally be getting our heads above water now.

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DeeAnn said...

That is good to hear. I've been wondering about you and Griffin. :)