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Monday, April 23, 2012

Stress for Both of Us

Griffin had a substitute teacher today and he doesn't do well with them so I got a call from the school that he was sick and of course I could not come to pick him up and I felt helpless. My friend who lived 30 minutes didn't have a car to get him so the school had to keep him in the office until the bus could bring him home. If only there had been someone else to call who would have been willing to help. I do not think that I am going to have the other foot operated on until I know that there are people available to help me and Griffin when we need them. I had rather suffer frankly.

Griffin was so upset when he came home that I couldn't come to school and get him, he didn't understand. He just kept on and on and on it drove me insane! He kept running inside and out of the apartment and there was nothing that I could do being in a wheelchair I was helpless but to try and talk to him as he screamed. I tried finally by getting firm with him and demanding that he stop running in and out because the heat was on and because it was snack time. I told him that if he didn't stop that he was going to lose computer time.

He came to his senses and gave me a hug then I had to lie on the couch to rest my leg. Griffin made himself a snack. By this time I was full of anxiety. Later it only got worse as Griffin would not listen to me and do his homework then he spilled popcorn all over the floor that I had just vacuumed earlier in the day, that had taken over 30 minutes to vacuum. The poor guy was going through his own stress and then I was going through my own. Fortunately he has a TV in his room where he could get out of the way of the vacuum and I struggled to get the kernels up the best I could, it is not easy vacuuming in a wheelchair.

Then after all that I gave myself some time to relax and then I reminded Griffin for the 10th time that he had to do his homework. He was dramatic but came into the room and started it. It is no wonder that my blood pressure is high now that I think about it, I do have a lot to cope with each day. It is just that I am so used to it that I don't think about how stressful it really is. Now that I have no outlet and I am trapped here then it is like there is a boiling point.

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The Rambling Pages said...

Beenages since i checked on on your og, hope you are OK, sounds serious. Hope griffin is OK after his substitute teacher. My Little Man got a new teacher at Christmas who has just returned from maternity leave, however last minute she decided to come back part time so not only did the class lose a teacher they loved, they got a new teacher back from mat leave 3 days a week and a new teacher for the last 2 days. Thing is the one with the baby is constantly off as the baby is ill or she is. I have had a number of 7.30am calls form the head to ask that I prepeare Little man for yet another substitute. its a nightmare!