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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Recovery and Healing

Since leaving Copestone Griffin and I have been getting along so much better, and I attribute that to the "Level System".  I have stuck to it and since that is what he learned in Copestone along with the methods for calming down it has proved to be a great combination. Now when he begins to get upset I ask him if he wishes to lose his rank in the level system and of course he does not because that would mean losing privileges and having consequences so he calms himself down immediately and moves on....and I am so proud of him. He shows much more control over himself now and much more maturity than ever before.

I do brag but he is not perfect as none of us are because he has slipped a few times and dropped from Level 2 down to Level 1 again but to him that is a big deal and he doesn't take it lightly anymore. He is beginning to learn what respect means even though it is an abstract term because it can have tangible outcomes. Also Griffin has learned that money has more value since getting out of Copestone and that food is more valuable and is not to be wasted, lessons that we have been working on with him with RHA for quite some time now not to mention lessons in life that I have been working on in life that I have tried for years.

He just seems so much happier and calmer....and I am working on it too. We just get along so much better! We snuggle and smile now instead of shout and worry about hitting. I just know that since he is on the new meds he has got to feel better at least if his behavior is any indicator he is. He seems to seek any opportunity to laugh and play now. We went swimming yesterday and he had a blast! I had a blast playing with him!

Tomorrow is his appointment with the psychiatrist Dr. Coopey 1st time. Then school starts back and I have an appointment with Jill for Big Brothers/Big Sisters. I can't wait!

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Chris P-M said...

Wow Lora...just catching up on things. You guys have been through a lot! Hang in there...Sounds like you have a great team of professionals and good people in your life. Griffin sure is growing up!