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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Field Trip to the Aquarium in Tenn.

We have been going to the lake and to the YMCA each weekend to spend time together and probably that is what we will be doing this summer too not only because it is his favorite but because it is cheap and close by not to mention.....lots of FUN!!!! I absolutely adore going to the lake and watching all the birds and water fowl, I am becoming a bird watcher myself trying to learn all the bird songs and how they appear. Griffin has shown quite a bit of interest in it as well as a matter of fact, he is the one who started it especially because of his love of penguins.

 This adorable little baby penguin came from the aquarium in Gatlingburg, TN where Griffin went with his 5th grade classroom and his sweet friend Emily bought it for him. I thought that was so wonderful, I wonder if she had arranged it with her mother beforehand because this toy was not cheap, by its size it looks as if it was at least $30.00 from a place like the gift shop at the aquarium. Griffin's classmates are all so nice to him, when I went to drop him off for the trip that morning they greeted him and gleefully reminded him of how he was going to get to see the penguins at the aquarium. When he returned from the trip he didn't have very much to say except that there were penguins, sharks, and a restaurant that he wanted to eat at....LOL!!!! That's my growin' boy, always eating!

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Arline Allen said...

Peek a boo! Long time my friend! Good to see you and your handsome son again. Lola/s blog is back! Pop on over! Take care :)