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Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Knee is Injured but I Need to Move

I can't get on Facebook because the phone that is used to verify I can't see the screen so I can't use it on the library computer however I do have limited access on my old flip phone if anyone wants to send a message I do check it now and then I can't see your statuses though. I do get some notifications. If anyone wants to contact me my e-mail is :

A few months ago I injured my right knee and it has only gotten worse since. I have seen two different doctors who each one has not treated it seriously just sending me on my way. I do need to move by the end of the month and I haven't even packed anything yet trying to rest my knee. I don't even know if I have more than one person to help me move. It will all work out. Got to go my time is running out on the library computer. Will write more later.

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