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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Griffin's Laughter

There's only one thing that brings me quintessential joy and that is the sound of Griffin's laughter.

Instead of being upset about my child having autism and what may or may not be the cause of it I have decided to dedicate this blog to all the joy in our lives and how we cope with the autism in a fun and positive way. The best way I know to cope with the challenges we have each day is to stay in the moment and take in everything that life has to offer. I give Griffin unconditional love as he has given to me, I cherish each and every smile and hug I receive from my precious "sonshine".

Griffin has been a teacher to me and in many ways his autism has taught me as well. I have learned how to be tenacious, relentless, patient, gentle, compassionate, and accepting. All of these I do with all my heart and not anyone or anything can change the way I feel about my awesome little guy.

We've been through some tough times and I don't think that I would change any of it, for all the experiences and challenges we have faced and overcome have all been a blessing in one way or another and at the end of the day I must say that I am grateful for it all.
Would I take away the autism if I could? I guess that I can honestly say, I don't know because Griffin is who he is and I love him just the way he is. I don't think that it is healthy to think about how life would be without the autism. I can only hope that Griffin lives a productive life and remains the "happy camper" that he is today..........forever!

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The other me said...

I have a 4 year old with Aspergers and sometimes wonder if I am wrong because I also have no idea if I would change it if I could...his eccentricities are such a huge part of him that without them I don't know who he would be, certainly not my Isaac! I love the way you say that you are going to just enjoy the hwole of your son every day, when we can accept and enjoy who these little people are it makes the whole journey so much easier for them and more exciting for us all.