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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Living In the Moment

Griffin has taught me many things but most of all I have learned from him that every minute of the day is precious, especially when I am with him. If I am worried about paying bills for instance, and he is in the other room laughing and playing, then I am missing out on a beautiful moment and there's no going back. There are times when I catch myself getting frustrated with him because I am not paying attention to what he is trying to communicate to me. It makes me sad to think of the times when I could have offered more to Griffin by giving him my undivided attention but I have to move beyond that now and make sure that the present is different.

Griffin deserves to have the best of everything that I can give to him and that means making sure that he is always my priority regardless of whatever else is going on. Sometimes it is difficult and it takes lots of practice but he is well worth the effort. It is important that I find beauty in each and every moment of the day to appreciate the smiles, the laughter, and even the tough times. There is something to be learned in every experience whether it be "good" or "bad". For example, I have learned from Griffin each time he has a tantrum because it has taught me to be more patient and to use more positive reinforcement in order to avoid more tantrums in the future.

I must accept Griffin for who he is now, in this moment, and to not place expectations on him because that would only set me up for disappointment. I have chosen to celebrate our every success; even though some may seem small they are monumental to me. I do my best to not take life for granted, to live in the moment, and to love every minute of it!

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