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Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mother's Day To You

I think that my Zoloft is working well for me and I am feeling much better lately.......YEAH! Griffin is doing great and being his adorable self as usual. Tonight when my Mom got him out of the tub and was combing his hair he said, "Nana, I gotta fix my hair for the girls" and then gave a laugh and of course we laughed with him. Tomorrow we go to North Carolina to visit my sister and her family, it's my niece's birthday celebration so that should be fun. There's just not much to talk about right now that's why I haven't posted. Everything is going well for us and I should have more to talk about after this weekend. I don't know what we are doing on Mother's Day but it will be nice to be with my Mother because I haven't spent a Mother's Day with her for many many years. I hope that all of you, my blogging friends, have a wonderful Mother's Day! May it be even more special than last year and much more memorable as well.


Mamaroo said...

Happy Mother's Day Lora! Enjoy your day with your precious son, your Mom and family. I am happy you are feeling well!

K.C.'s Blog said...

Happy Mother's Day Lora! Your an awesome Mama and super friend!

That is so cute what Griffin said about his hair and the girls!

Melissa said...

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day. You are such an awesome mama, and I am really glad I have had the chance to "meet" you through the blogs.

Mr. Griffin is so funny. They start so young, don't they? LOL

Sam I Am said...

So glad you are feeling better, and I hope you had a wonderful mother's day!!!