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Monday, April 30, 2007

Griffin's IEP/Transition Meeting

I was so impressed with how smoothly the meeting went, everyone was so professional and organized. Finally, an IEP meeting that went as well as the ones did in Anchorage. A woman from the South Carolina Autism Society went there to help me out and I am so glad that she did, she asked some very important questions that I wouldn't have thought of like a summer program within the community for Griffin. It just so happened that the speech path. knew of a summer program at one of the nearby churches, don't know if it is for special needs children or not but they're getting the information to me soon. Here is just a little bit of what is on his IEP:

Academic Achievement:
Speech: According to speech sample and therapist observation, Griffin can correctly produce all age appropriate speech sounds.He has made some improvements in using correct voicing; however, he still needs to work on producing audible speech in conversation. His language has also improved, but he still has difficulty answering wh questions and initiating conversation. He also needs to work on decreasing echolalia and making choices.
Cognitive: Griffin can name and give the sounds of 26 letters of the alphabet, he can read simple words, he can give the name of 4 coins, can count rote to 49, he is emerging in simple sequencing.
Motor: Griffin can write numbers 1-19, draw recognizable pictures, write his full name and cut shapes out with scissors.
Language:Griffin is emerging in sequencing, tells definition of concrete sounds, rhyming simple words and tells use of senses.

All in all it was one of the best IEP meetings that I have attended for Griffin and I am looking forward to him going to his new classroom in August. His new teacher Ms. H is such an awesome teacher, she is so sweet and always smiling when I see her. Here's the really good news...........Griffin will be mainstreamed for part of the day to attend library, regular PE, art, and computer class with the kindergarten classroom. I am so thrilled that he is finally going to go into a regular ed. class for at least part of the day in the beginning and depending on how well he does he will also attend the classroom as time goes on. Everyone there agreed that he is quite the little genius and that it will be a task to challenge him daily. He only needs one time to see a task executed to complete it himself but on the other side of the coin, his weakness is that he likes to say "NO" quite often and that he has a hard time making choices like on the smart board or when it comes to having too many to choose from. He needs to work on walking in line in a timely fashion and sharing/waiting for his turn. I feel confident that he will master all that is put before him, maybe even over the summer while working with Ms. A. He might just thrive and progress throughout the summer and excel beyond all expectations. She is an incredible woman/educator and I am so grateful that she is with us.

Nothing about me this entry because I get tired of talking about myself so it's off I go to have dinner and to get Griffin in the bed. Take care everyone!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lora-that is so awesome. Glad that you are feeling good about what he will be doing next year-you so do not need to fret over that stuff all summer long. I will email you soon-I have been sick sick sick.

Amy in CO.

Melissa H said...
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Sam I Am said...

Oh I am so happy for a great meeting. Things sound like they will be great next year!!!

KAL said...

I'm so glad it went so well! That's terrific news and it sounds like Griffin is doing awesome.

Mom without a manual said...

That is good news! We are also preparing for Kindergarten next year! How can it be so terrifying yet exciting at the same time? I am glad things are working out for you guys!

Mom to Mr. Handsome said...

Sounds like you had an awesome IEP. It also looks like Griffin is doing great :o) I like how they listed his strenghts. Are they doing ABA with him, because the mastered goals looked very similar to the ABLLS-R?

Gabe loves to say "No" too. I wonder how that will go next year. I am so excited for you and Griffin!


Lora said...

Hi Kristin, Griffin is doing ABA in school but has not had it at home, can't afford it and there's no funding out there for it either. I don't know if they will be using ABA next year or not but that's a good question for me to ask.

K.C.'s Blog said...

Way to go my dearest friends! Griffin is amazing and I just know in my heart he's gonna do awesome in school and thrive! Keep the little fella busy cause he's a smart one and could get bored easily. You are such a good Mama Lora. It shows in your little Griffin!

Melissa said...

Wow! What a great meeting! He is doing wonderfully! It sounds like this year is going to be great for Griffin!

JodiTucker said...

Any mainstreamed music class for Griffin in his upcomging school year? Just curious from a music teacher viewpoint, of course!!