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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Our Outing For The Day

Griffin and I went to this place called Callaham's Orchard with our friend Sam today and Griffin had a great time feeding the animals as you can see, here he is feeding a goat. After we fed the goats, turkey, and sheep we had homemade ice cream. It was a wonderful day and the weather was perfect. As soon as we finished there Griffin made it clear that he wanted to go home so we did but we took the long way and Sam was nice enough to drive us since I don't think that it is safe for me to drive yet because of my eye problem. I forgot to mention that Griffin, for some bizarre reason, was most attracted to the turkey, he kept trying to hug it and loved to pet it ever so gently but the owner came by and warned us that the turkey may try to peck Griffin so I had to re-direct him and he did okay with it.

Got to go before my eyes screw up but I will try to post more often. We are going to N.C. tomorrow and I will do my best to post about that tomorrow evening........hopefully. Hugs to all my friends and I hope that you had a great weekend.


Melissa H said...

Lora -- I think that is SO funny that he was so interested in the turkey! The last time I took Conor to the zoo (May of last year), look at what he said:

So funny, our guys. :-)
Glad to see you posting a bit. I'll email you back soon, I promise!!!

KC's Blog said...

Looks like we got an animal lover in Griffin! That is so cool, he is a gentle soul:) Turkeys terrify me!