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Sunday, October 07, 2007

My Trip To Alaska/Griffin's Latest Success

I went to Anchorage to testify in a murder trial and ended up staying there for a week, it was quite a stressful time for me because I had to be away from my sweet little guy, boy did I miss him! Even though it was nice to see my friends again and all my old haunts it is not something that I wish to do again because being a participant in a murder trial is not fun whatsoever. I did get to hang out with the crew from CBS 48 Hours and do an interview, did an interview with the Anchorage Daily News and most recently with People Magazine. I will let you know when the 48 Hours show comes on in January so you can see the twisted/stranger than fiction sort of trial that it has been. It was a cold case and actually happened over 10 years ago so I had to rely on my journals and my original statement with the state troopers to jog my memory with all details, it was such an unhealthy time in my life when I used to hang out with the defendant and actually considered to be a close friend for some time but ended the relationship a few months before the murder occurred. I know that you would probably like to know the details of what happened but I am so tired of writing and talking about it I am hoping that you can catch the story in People Magazine to fill in the blanks. If you are so curious that you don't want to wait to hear all about it then leave me a comment with your e-mail address (if I don't already have it) and I will be glad to explain it to you individually. Suffice it to say that it was a grueling event and it is so good to be here with Griffin and to snuggle up to him and get big hugs from him. Dateline NBC kept bugging me to do an interview but I decided that doing one show is enough and I just want it to be over and become part of my past. I am sure that the Dateline NBC crew are wonderful people but revisiting that part of my life is not something that I really want to do, I believe that the woman on trial is without a doubt guilty of the murder of my close friend and she should pay for her playing a part in this cold blooded murder back in 1996.

On to more pleasant news in which I am absolutely thrilled about........Griffin is finally potty trained and even staying dry all through the night!!!!!!!!!!! He was so very happy to see me at the airport last weekend and I was even more happy to see him and to put my arms around him, to get big hugs and lots of kisses, it's what I live for! I will post some more pictures in the near future, it's just that I am still disorganized and getting my life back on track. I hope to visit your blogs soon so that I can catch up on what has been going on with all my special friends. Hugs to everyone and I hope that you are all well and enjoying the change in the season, I know that I am!


A Bishops wife said...

This ALL sounds so exciting.
I hope you will post when the show airs. I would love to see it as I am studing "criminal law". Will you give us a hint as to which person you are?

I am thrilled to hear your son is potty trained. What an achievement for both of you! Congradulations!!

Lora said...

A Bishops Wife, It could be exciting to hear about the trial and very intriguing I am sure but to actually be a witness for the prosecution is certainly not fun. On 48 Hours you will see me as the one being interviewed with short blonde hair and they use my full name but I will not disclose my last name on this blog but they do call me Lora. It is a fascinating tale of evil deeds and how a woman can be so manipulative as to have 3 men as a fiance' all at once and the 3 men knew each other quite well and were all being deceived all at once by her lies and getting tangled up in her web, ultimately the most kind and generous man was killed and she had a primary role in all of it. It would make me absolutely ill if they find her innocent of having any part in this murder. If you would like even more details then e-mail me at:

Anonymous said...

Yay Griffin!!!! The potty is a wonderful thing!!!!

Amy in CO

KC's Blog said...

I am so captivated by this story Lora. It's been all over the news in AZ and I can't wait to watch the 48 hours special about it.
Don't forget to let us know o.k.?

Way to go Griffin! You are the man! So very proud of you little fella, hugs to you from Tina and Boys.

P.S. A Bishops Wife.. you will recognize Lora because she is absolutely beautiful.

Wendy said...

Lora - After so much ugliness at the trial it must have been so wonderful to hold your little guy. :)

As for the potty training, how did you do it!?! Caden just started going peepee on the potty. We take him in the bathroom every hour or so and he stands on a little stool and does his thing. Lots of praise from mom and dad! But how do we get to the point where he tells us he needs to go? How do we train him to do #2? Would love to hear your secrets!

Hope you're doing well!


Melissa H said...

Hey Lora!

For some reason, my Bloglines account didn't give me a notice that you had written this post. Thank goodness you sent me that email! Glad the trip is OVER with and HIP HIP HOORAY for Griffin!

Miss hearing about your lives. Hope you're doing okay. Having to testify that can certainly bring on some depression. BIG BIG HUGS!

Casdok said...

Potty trained, wonderful, thats such a huge step!

Sam I Am said...

Wow Lora...sounds like you have been through a whirlwind. You are amazingly strong!!! So very happy to hear about dry nights. May you have many more with your little guy!!!