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Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Miss Reading Your Blogs and Writing In Mine

I used to have so many people who seemed to enjoy reading my blog and keep track of his progress and accomplishments but not so much anymore, I do believe that it is for two reasons: I have been slack in keeping the blog updated and I haven't been reading anyone else's blog lately. It is understandable that it would happen that way so I am not surprised but miss all my blogging buddies. There has been a lot going on with me personally and I have been dealing with it in therapy and with my doctor and that takes up most of my time just trying to deal with it day to day. So, I apologize to my dear friends who do keep reading and leaving comments to let me know that you are still around and that there is always support for me and Griffin.

Griffin is doing absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!!!!! He has exceeded his goals in speech in fact, his speech path. told me that she is going to call me next week to go over some new goals. Griffin is easily meeting his goals in his special needs classroom and still surprising us all with his exceptionally incredible talents and skills. I will have to take a photo of the paper that he did today in his after school program with his teacher, she was smiling ear to ear when she showed me what he had accomplished all on his own. It is truly extraordinary indeed, I cannot wait to get a pic of it to show everyone and brag about his wonderful work!

Today Griffin went to swimming and he was doing exceptionally well there also. He floated on his back for 18 seconds without any help whatsoever. His O.T. was thrilled with him and so was I and I do believe that he was pretty proud of himself too. Griffin loves the water and he doesn't even get upset or scared when he accidentally goes underwater. Perhaps one day he will be a swimmer and continue to love the water.

I don't like the fact that I haven't been posting but there are so many other things going on that it just isn't a priority anymore, not that it isn't interesting or anything because I love to write about what Griffin and I do each week so I will make an attempt to keep it updated at least once a week so that you will all know that we are okay. I do hope to read your blogs again too, it is just so overwhelming sometimes, I am sure that there are those of you who can relate to that. I have been going to the gym each day/morning while Griffin is in school for about an hour but I need to go more often since I have yet to lose any weight so far.

We are going next week to Wisconsin to see our friend Amy and Noah and we are so excited. I do hope that Griffin is okay with the flights and the layovers that we are going to have. I will be taking his DVD player and some brand new DVDs hopefully it will be something that he is interested in and it will keep him busy for awhile.

Take care everyone and I hope to see you soon on your blogs but if I don't please don't feel that I have forgotten you at all!


Amara said...

Wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait till you guys come, we are gonna have soo much fun. It's been a long time coming :)

Melissa H said...

Lora, I'm so glad to hear how well Griffin is doing. I'm sorry that I haven't been to check on you. Our life has been so topsy turvy. The ABA school didn't get the state funding. We had a mad rush to put Conor in the adjacent district, which has autism classrooms. That is going WONDERFULLY, but it was a huge rush to do it before the state did their funding survey. So, I got the news about the ABA school on Tuesday evening (10/2), I got a call about placement on the next Wednesday (10/10) at 1:00 in the afternoon and I had to get all paperwork from our county and Conor's dr in order to register him at 12:30 the next day!! He started school on 10/12.
Then, on 10/13 I actually flooded my house. We had industrial fans and dehumidifiers in our house until yesterday afternoon. And, then tonight (and I haven't even blogged about this yet) we forgot to put our dog in her kennel while we went to dinner and she ripped the door frame apart AGAIN!! So, like I said - a lot going on here.
I'm sorry you're going through stuff and I'll place you back on that prayer list of mine. Hugs to you, friend. Hang in there.

gretchen said...

No worries Lora! We are still here reading. Almost everyone's blogging seems to go in little spurts. I didn't write much for awhile and now I feel like I am wanting to write again.

I'm glad Griffin is doing so spectacular and I hope that you are working through everything you need to work through. It's not always easy, is it?

Wendy said...

Lora - Got your email and I'm sorry I haven't responded yet. I will say, it was SO weird to read your name on last week. I didn't know I had famous friends! ;-) I'm reading blogs...just not posted to many comments or posting my own blogs. I've been really busy since school started (3 of my 4 kids are in 3 different schools!). Take care of yourself and enjoy your trip to Wisconsin.

KC's Blog said...

You are our dearest friends and we will be always be here for you and Griffin. We will always be reading your blog and love you both lots.

Tina and Boys

kristi said...

I have missed you. Glad all is well!

Anonymous said...

Lora, Just sent you an email from a new email account, look in your junk email, you'll recognize my name, hopefully. I am glad I looked at your blog after so long. I feel like I am coming up for air from crazy life. Who out there has a calm not crazy life? I want to move in with you. You and Griffin are in my mind a lot lately. I can't wait to see some pics. I will email you some too.
Your AK OT,

KC's Blog said...

Did you guys make it to see Amy and Noah? Hope everything is o.k. with my favorite two!

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

Hi Lora:

You aren't the only one behind on blogging or checking in with our fellow bloggers. Things get hetic and all of a sudden we realize how out of touch with everyone we are. Glad Griffin is doing well.