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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Our Trip To Wisconsin

Griffin and I went to Wisconsin to visit our friends Amy, Luke, and Noah and we had a wonderful time! Griffin got to help Amy make cupcakes and as you can see he was thrilled with it and seemed quite proud of himself. We all went to the pumpkin farm and Griffin really enjoyed riding the pony, eating caramel popcorn, and going on a hay ride. We also went swimming in the indoor pool at the hotel and of course he loved that because swimming is most definitely one of his favorite activities. The best news of all is that Griffin and Noah played together, talked to one another, and shared with each other just as if they were two best friends who have known each other for years. Griffin did a great job of communication and initiating conversation with Noah who is 11 years old and also has autism. At times one might have believed that they were just two NT kiddos carrying on with the business of being social. I was thoroughly impressed with how well Griffin followed along with Noah as they went trick or treating door to door in the neighborhood with a constant smile upon his gorgeous little face.
By the way, the pictures, as you may have noticed, are not in order because I never seem to be able to get them in the place where I wish to insert them into the paragraph (oh well).

Griffin was a champ at the airports and on the plane, he traveled just like a pro! I had requested to have a wheelchair waiting for us at our destination in order to have help and so that Griffin didn't have to walk such a long distance. It sure did make the whole trip so much easier and much more pleasant, I highly recommend using a wheelchair for those kiddos who have difficulty in airports. Griffin was quite calm and relaxed on the airplane because he had his DVD player and a plethora of DVDs in tow. It was such a great relief for him to act like such a big boy during the entire trip and I must say that I will eagerly travel with him again if the opportunity ever presents itself because he has most definitely proven himself to be a great listener!

While in Wisconsin I found the article in the November edition of "People" magazine that has my name in it about the trial that I had gone to in Anchorage, I had done an interview with them over the phone. Before going to Wisconsin I flew to Manhattan (NYC) alone to be interviewed by "Inside Edition" but I don't know when it will air, I need to call them to find out. It is a trial that got lots and lots of press throughout the world and I wouldn't be surprised if it is made into a "made for TV" movie it certainly has all the makings for it. Incidentally, for those of you who are familiar with it, the defendant was found guilty of first degree murder!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled that the jury saw the truth and that my dearly departed friend's family may feel that justice has been served.

I will post some more pics of my beautiful child Griffin Blaise soon, thanks for reading my blog and sharing in the joy of all his great accomplishments. I just got his progress report and I will post about that as soon as I can, I haven't completely read it yet but will get right to it today. Take care my dear friends, hugs and smiles to all of you! Hope you have a wonderful day & weekend.


gretchen said...

Lora- I'm so happy to hear all the super news about Griffin! He is really doing terrific! I was really interested to read about the wheelchair at the airport- what a smart idea! It reminded me that I usually get a big buggy for the boys to ride in when we go to the zoo. I didn't last time, and Henry had a really rough day. I wonder if he just gets too tired doing all that walking and interacting with people?

Was the article in the most recent issue of People? I'll have to pick it up!

kristi said...

I love the costume! He has the biggest smile!

Melissa H said...

Hooray for friends! Hooray for Griffin! Hooray for justice!!!

So glad to hear you on the upswing, friend. I miss "seeing" you around.

KC's Blog said...

Griffin's beautiful smile says it all Lora! He looks so happy, that is one cute fella you have there! Noah is getting so tall since I seen his last photo! He sure is a cute guy too :) I love that they were socializing and trick or treating together! Way to go Kiddos!

Amara said...

We had the best time while you guys were here. There were so many great moments I don't think I can pick just one.

Zoely said...

Hi Girl, Do you remember me? I used to come by more often...but you were living in AK when i came by last! You've moved back down to the lower 48! Griffin looks great, and testifying in a murder trial, wow! Exciting!
Hope life continues to go wellfor you both.