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Monday, November 19, 2007

My Very Special Guy

Today Griffin's classroom had a presentation of their skills and talents during a very special pre-Thanksgiving feast and provided the food that they had prepared with some help for the parents/relatives of each child. It was so nice that each child exerted a lot of effort in order to show what they had learned. Griffin was a superstar when it was his turn, he read two sentences with wonderful articulation and loud enough for everyone to hear. He was so proud of himself because he kept taking a bow as everyone applauded. I had a perpetual smile on my face and snapped many pictures of all the happy kiddos and their parents.

Griffin just looks like such a big boy in this picture and lately it is becoming harder and harder to get him to snuggle with me but I manage to get short/temporary snuggles here and there which I am ever so grateful for no doubt. I have to face it, he is growing up and things are going to change with time. I have noticed that he is wanting to be more independent and to have privacy while using the bathroom which is a great sign of growth and it makes me very proud of him. Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining but it is bittersweet this growing up thing and in some ways it breaks my heart and in others I am very excited for him.

It has become so much easier lately when we go out in public he is so well behaved and doesn't have any meltdowns for whatever reason and boy does that make life so much easier and much more simple. I actually wait to go shopping at certain stores that I know he will enjoy going to with me. I think that part of it is because I am more patient with him and I tend to spend more time explaining things to him and giving him more credit for understanding what I am telling him. Griffin is a progressive young guy who is raising the bar on how a nearly 6 year old must conduct himself when out in public and even when he is at home. I have moved my buttons around and he does not push them as much as he used to. I will take credit for part of it but most of it is because I am taking the Risperdal, it has helped me change in so many wonderful ways and created a loving, tolerant, patient, affectionate, tender, and attentive mommy.

I am still going to the gym every day but so far there have been no positive results, I have been careful what I eat and spend 30 minutes - an hour on the elyptical equipment but it is all in vain I suppose. At least I haven't gained any more weight, I am staying exactly where I have been and I would love to get back down to the size I was before taking the Risperdal gosh darnit! I wonder how hard and long I will have to work out to keep from gaining weight after the holidays!!!! OMG, it might just be an uphill battle, we shall see I suppose.

Nothing else to report, the weather is absolutely gorgeous and mild and I am still enjoying it! Hugs to you all, leave me a comment if you have a moment to spare, I would love to hear from you and to know that you were here. Happy Holidays!


KC's Blog said...

We will always be here for you guys, you are our dearest friends, reading about you and Griffin is always a top priority for us. Griffin is sure growing up and gosh he's cute!
Big Brother has gotten to the point where he'll say, "oh mom, I am not a baby anymore!" I can't help it, I will still hug him and bug the heck out of him, he he.
They sure do grow up fast but they will always be our babies no matter what age :)
Love you guys dearly, Tina and Boys

Maddy said...

Well at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you'll be healthy from all that exercise.
Best wishes and happy thanksgiving

Melissa H said...

Okay, I've been here THREE times and been distracted away from making a comment! Finally, a moment of peace after everyone is napping from thanksgiving dinner overload. LOL

So glad to hear how well Griffin is doing!

I totally understand your struggle to keep the weight off. Yours is because of medication, mine is because of my thyroid. It is finally coming back off again, after 2 years of trying to get my thyroid meds (3 of them!!) right. I try to remember that it is about being healthy and just because you're skinny doesn't mean that you're healthy. I ran a 5K today and my friend, who weighs 30 lbs less than me, said she couldn't do it with me because she isn't in good enough shape. Ha!

Hope you're having a blessed Thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...

he is so darn cute!!!

amy in co