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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Griffin's Gingerbread House

Here he is doing an excellent job of decorating his gingerbread house all by himself. It was so great because he didn't even try to eat any of the candy, he totally understood what the purpose of the candy was and did not need to be reminded of it. It was a great exercise in patience and a great opportunity to be creative and enjoy the outcome of his efforts. He was so proud of himself and seemed to be so happy with the finished product, it is tempting to buy another one so he can use his creativity again but he will get to work on another one at school when he and his classmates work on the ones that I bought for the class.

I sat and observed Griffin in his speech and O.T. sessions on Tuesday and he did quite well. In speech he was asked to answer "how" questions and to list the "first, next, and last" with each task pictured on the card. He did struggle a bit with most of them but his speech path. was very good at helping him to answer the questions and keeping him from becoming frustrated. In O.T. he first played in the room with a slide, swing, and a huge pad to jump into, then they worked on his handwriting and he is really doing much better while holding his pencil correctly, slowly but surely his handwriting is improving with the proper grasp. What is most important to me is that he looks forward to going each week because it is pleasant for him and I do believe that a happy camper is one who learns the most and gets the biggest benefit out of his education.

Ta Ta for now! Guess that I should get up from here and be productive somehow. Hope that all of you are very well and having a great week. Hugs to you, my blogging friends, thanks for stopping by!


gretchen said...


Lora, I've said it before, but Griffin is so handsome- he is going to be a heartbreaker someday! :-)

Maddy said...

That is an excellent job! I couldn't get my youngest to co-operate until last year [hates candy and the frosting is too sticky] It's still a bit of a struggle - he refuses to touch the jelly candies that are sugar coating - you are doing sooo well.

KC's Blog said...

It looks like so much fun and yummy. I would probably eat all the candy before the house got made if I bought one he he. Griffin's house looks beautiful! He is definitely a heartbreaker!

P.S. I will write you tonight :)