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Monday, June 30, 2008

Having a Great Summer

I tried to upload an image of Griffin's new kitty but for some reason it wouldn't work so I will try later in another post. Griffin is having a wonderful summer and staying pretty busy. He loves going to gymnastics and is improving with each visit. Of course he is still going to and loving swimming each week. I found out that the theater is showing free movies for kids each Tuesday and Wednesday which we are going to start going to on Wednesday. He seems to be making great progress even though he is not in school, in fact, since he has been out his vocabulary has increased a lot and his understanding of concepts have also increased, he is growing up so fast. Griffin even has a tooth loose and he is so excited for it to come out, he knows that it means that he is a big boy and that he is growing up. Our case manager for DDSN got the Cuddle Swing approved by Medicaid which was about $$200.00-$300.00 or so and it has made a huge difference in his life. He spends so much time in that thing and between that and his huge ball that he bounces on, his behaviors have been next to nothing.........extremely rare. When Griffin went to school in Alaska the teacher there was so awesome because they started each day with an obstacle course of sensory toys, tubes, etc......and there was always music playing that they danced to at circle time. Griffin would come home each day singing his songs from class. That teacher became a very dear friend of ours and she should have won teacher of the century award! We miss her so much. What helped me a great deal in knowing what he was and wasn't doing, was that she would write to me nearly every day to let me know all the GOOD things that he did as well as the less desirable things. That way we could work together as a team in working with him in order to contribute to his success. The teacher Griffin first had when he was 3 years old did the same, we worked together and I was always informed of what was going on with him. They both had two helpers/assistance and they all worked together to make a well organized environment for the kids. It is a good feeling being involved in my child's education especially since he spends so many hours away from me, it is a good thing to not be left out of the loop. Griffin has learned a lot since we have been here, mostly his language and social skills have improved. I look forward to him spending some time in the 1st grade class in the fall. I am sure that he misses his teachers and his classroom buddies, they are so nice and I believe that he really likes them. When I go with them on field trips he seems to get along well with everyone and it seemed that the teachers were well organized. The class got to do lots of fun things in the classroom and on their trips. I've got to get back to work on the book which is coming along nicely. I just finished reading Temple Grandin's book, Emergence, and it was very enlightening but kind of scary at the same time because she really went through some tough times socially and a lot of internal conflict. I highly recommend that anyone who works with or has a child with autism has it is in their library (at home) because I have found it to be useful and I can use it for reference as Griffin grows older and approaches high school then college.


Peggy Lou Morgan said...

I am glad Griffin is enjoying his summer and doing so well. It was fun catching up on you guys after being away from reading for a while.

Peggy Lou

KC's Blog said...

Hi Lora,

Griffin sounds like he is doing super! That is one smart little guy you have Lora.
I remember his teacher in Alaska, she was the best, I always new Griffin was getting a top notch education there.
Sounds like Griffin has really made a huge jump while he has been out of school. You know Lora you would make an awesome homeschooling teacher, you could see that he was being challenged everyday and best of all you get to be with your little guy and not have to worry about anything school related. Follow your heart my dear friend.