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Friday, July 04, 2008

Kitty Dot Com

Here is Griffin's new kitty, her name when we got her (from the animal rescue shelter) was "Dot" and later on that day he told me that her name was, "Kitty Dot Com". I thought that was so funny that he thought of something so clever all on his own, he is such a bright big boy.

As I write in my book each day I enjoy reading about the progress that he has made over the years and all the great memories that we have of Alaska. Just recently I read from 2005, how much everyone at Griffin's school loved him so much and was so kind and non-judgmental of me, always showing me respect, never treating me like I was just an incidental in Griffin's life. Both schools that he went to were stellar in every way and I miss that so much. I truly miss the people of Alaska because they were so nice while at the same time they minded their own business and were too busy to gossip and worry about what other people would think or what somebody might say about something.

Have a great summer to all of you who so devoutly read and comment on my blog. Thanks for all the support that you have given throughout the years. Hugs to all of you!


kristi said...

Awww..I am sure Griffin just loves his new kitty!

KC's Blog said...

The kitty is so cute! She's a darling.
I love reading about Griffin and his progress, with you as his Mama and the top notch education he got in Alaska they were the perfect building blocks for Griffin.
I sure do understand why you miss the people of Alaska. I remember how very kind his teacher was, how beautiful Alaska is :)

Maddy said...

Right back at yah dearie!