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Saturday, August 02, 2008

My Beautiful Sleeping Angel and His Buddy

Can you tell that Dot loves Griffin? Every night she sleeps on his pillow snuggled up to him and if he moves then she just rearranges herself as well. They are so adorable together. I've got to get a picture of Griffin smiling so that you can see his missing tooth, he is so proud of losing his first tooth.

Everything is going well here and I am preparing for September 1st when we will begin our homeschooling! With each day that passes I become more prepared and more informed on what to do and how to do it. We have just about everything that we are going to need to have a full and beneficial curriculum. I have already started using a system that is part of the positive parenting program and it is working like a charm with him. We have had NO tantrums at all, he is just too busy thinking about how he can do better and be a good listener. Today as we went out in the horrible heat and humidity, we were shopping it was such a challenge for him......he hated it but he tolerated it because he had incentive and we got through it with no hassles at all. I am so proud of him! He is really becoming a "Big Boy" using his manners and maintaining self control and making healthy/wise decisions.

My dear friend E. and I share and compare notes with our methods and the wealth of information that we have gathered as we have done an enormous amount of research, has been a great friend and fellow homeschooler. I know that I keep repeating myself but I am so excited about all the possibilities and all that we are going to accomplish. I have done nothing but prepare for our newest endeavor and I am determined to make it work in our favor. At least I know that my son is getting the best and that he is being treated with tenderness and respect, that he is going to be challenged and tested so that he can reach his full potential. And if he just so happens to have some sensory issues then we will address it immediately and not deny that his behaviors are a product of his need for sensory input. He will have lots of breaks in order to help him get his vestibular and proprioceptive input to help him maintain his attention and help him stay focused.

I don't want all of my entries to be repetitive so I will stop now and move on to something else. Griffin is doing great in gymnastics and with swimming. In fact, he has made great improvement and incredible progress in swimming. He is using his arms and legs simultaneously which helps him to move forward, not by much but it is still a great improvement. I think that he has learned to actually breathe in deeply before holding his breath so that he can stay underwater longer. I asked his OT about his low tone muscles and she confirmed that it is not uncommon for autistic kiddos to have low muscle tone. She did add that he is able to develop strength regardless but it will take some time. So mommy will have to help him as much as possible to build up strength by keeping him involved in activities conducive to building muscle strength and tone.

I am going to sign off now because I have a million things to do and lots of reading to do. Hope that all my dear friends are doing very well............happy and healthy..............not to mention..........staying cool in the summer heat. Send me an e-mail or leave a comment and let me know how you are doing.


Anonymous said...

Home school!!! I think about that from time to time.....maybe one day. It will be fun to read about what you tow are doing....hope all is well!!


Frogs' mom said...

Good Luck with your home school. We unschooled last winter and spring and are getting ready to move forward with a kindergarden Home School curriculm this fall. Swimming and Gymnastics are so cool. Sounds like Griffin would fit right in here at the Frog pond!

Nope. said...

Animals like us. I don't know why, but they've always grativated towards me, and I've always been fascinated by 'em.

Peggy Lou Morgan said...

What an adorable picture. Glad everything is going well for you and your beautiful son.

Jenn said...

haven't checked in in a while. Griffin has gotten so much bigger. Congrats on the first lost tooth - We are in the midst of that too with my 6 yr old (it's wiggly but hasn't come out yet)
Hope the school year is full of joys for both you and Griffin.