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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Griffin and Nikki

I've been dying to put up this photo of the awesome Blue Ridge Mountains which I took while Griffin was at camp. Isn't it just gorgeous? I am so blessed to live in such beautiful country, I would say almost as beautiful as Alaska, but in its own kind of way.

Griffin and I have been hanging out with our neighbor Nikki who is a joy to be around, actually Griffin adores her. All he wants to do is to see Nikki all the time. She is very animated and gives him lots of attention so of course he loves it. I will write more at a later time as it is very late right now and I need to try to get some sleep. 

Here is a photo of Nikki and Griffin at the lake where we go to feed the geese and the ducks, one of our favorite pastimes:
I believe that Griffin is holding up a feather that he had found. The water was not cool and refreshing as they had hoped for but it was fun to get their feet wet anyhow.

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Jean said...

Gorgeous photos. True friends are gems XXX