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Saturday, July 31, 2010

On a Hot Summer Day

Griffin and his cousin are hanging out in the pool in the heat of the summer as I am hanging out in the shade. Griffin is sporting his goggles which he has to have on no matter whether he is in the pool or in the bath, I guess you could say that he has sensitive eyes.

I had a great birthday on the 29th. My friends surprised me with a cake, flowers, and we had pizza which Griffin devoured. Got to watch him and the eating, he is in the 95 percentile for his age and those love handles aren't going to go away on their own. Think that I am going to take him off of sugar again, shouldn't have put him back on it in the first place! Trying to change the diet off of so many carbs and getting him to eat healthier with more fruits and vegies......wish me luck! He doesn't get much exercise so we've got to change something. I will not have a child who is obese! That means risking meltdowns at the grocery store and saying NO more often and that is going to be lots of fun....F U N ! All by myself in the store dealing with an 80 lb. child having a full-on meltdown just imagine the scenario if you will or if you have an autistic child you know what I mean or if you are a single parent of an autistic child you know what I mean.


Jean said...

Diet is an issue in my home oldest NT boy is too heavy. He just loves his carbs! It's really difficult to change bad eating habits. If he likes water, maybe he would attend swimming lessons?
Gorgeous pic, btw.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Changing children's eating/exercise habits can be much harder than people realise isn't it? Gymnastics and skimmed milk sorted out my NT dd, but Smiley is overweight, and aspie boy could get that way: it's a battle to get him to do any exercise and his eating habits are getting worse by the day: perhaps some of the autie websites could give you some advice on this?

Clive said...

Glad you had a good birthday!

Changing diets are never easy - Murray has a terrible diet - extremely selective about what he eats. Best of luck with that.

take care
Murray's Mom

jazzygal said...

Lovely photo!

I too am starting to worry about my guy. he is getting heavier and I can no longer blame his distended tummy on bowel issues alone. But what to do?? Very fussy eater. Doesn't eat fruit at all and very little veggies.

I know I should do something but don't know how to!!

let us know how you get on....
xx Jazzy