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Friday, August 06, 2010

School Can't Start Soon Enough!

Oh how I love my child but summer wears me out and I think that it does the same to Griffin actually! We are both in need of a routine and we both need a break from one another. And NO......I don't buy Canadian Whiskey by the case by the way....that is a box that I got from the liquor store to move my things a year ago when we moved here LOL! This is a photo of Griffin and Dot under the bed, not too sure if Dot got in the box on her own or not but I kind of doubt it. I think that Griffin thought that it would be cute to get her in the box for the picture because he called me into the room to take the photo.

Griffin had an incredibly horrible meltdown that began at the apartment yesterday because I was running late for a doctor's appointment and I had to rush him. So he was screaming and squirming all the way there and in there and while there. Thank goodness the staff knew that he was autistic and were very understanding. He did have a moment of peace long enough to realize that the song on the radio was "Sometimes when we touch" and he actually asked me who sang it. I made up a name and he later looked it up on the computer and found it on his own. But while in the office I was trying to talk to the doctor and only got a few words in within about 7 minutes time because Griffin was screaming at the top of his lungs. I kept trying to get him to take deep breaths and to calm down but it was all in vain. I just stay calm myself when he does that even though I know that part of it could be manipulation but part of it is him being out of control. I just know that as long as I stay calm it won't escalate into something worse and that eventually it will subside. Sure enough it did as soon as we left the office, he was just fine.

So then I feel like I have just been manipulated because it stopped just as we walked out of the office. But what else could I have done????? Even if it was manipulation? I can't be harsh with him because it would just make things worse. All I can think of is that I talk to him when things are fine and explain to him that it is not okay for him to do that...which I did already but I don't know that it sunk in or not. Someone mentioned a behavior chart which I am considering doing and putting his privileges on there and when he begins to have a tantrum before it is a full-on meltdown, I can remind him of the chart and how we can take away computer time or TV time etc... That is the only thing that I can think of to curb this behavior because his psychologist didn't have a good solution to his behavior other than to let him have his meltdown in the store or wherever and to just restrain him. That is not a solution to me because Griffin weighs 80 lbs and it would be nearly impossible to do that and NO fun either!!!

All I've got to say is that school can't start soon enough and I can't wait for him to begin his ADHD medication!!! BRING IT ON!!!!!

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Jean said...

How stressful. I think your psychologist needs to start earning his/her wages! XXX