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Thursday, August 26, 2010

30 Most Famous Thinkers Believed to Be Autistic

The Online Graduate Programs Blog has posted the 30 most famous thinkers believed to be autistic and the list is fantastic! Among my favorites are Charles Darwin, James Joyce, Temple Grandin ( I adore her) and Socrates. Oh and I must not forget Albert Einstein ! It is a list that you must see with descriptions of the individuals and their autistic tendencies. It is really quite fascinating to read and I believe that these individuals were probably autistic by these descriptions and by what I know of their history, of course I am not familiar with all of them but the ones I do know I firmly believe were autistic.

Griffin has been wetting his pants lately and it is something that is not unfamiliar to us. He did it quite a bit last year and I think that it is because he doesn't go to the bathroom during the scheduled bathroom breaks. And he won't ask his teacher to go to the bathroom when he needs to go so there in lies the problem. I don't know how to get it across to him to understand that he must ask the teacher to go to the bathroom when he needs to go. When I tell him he just gives me no response, he simply ignores me and I can't get him to answer. When he goes to his psychologist next I am going to get him to bring it up and explain it to Griffin and maybe he can get it across to him in some different fashion that he will understand. Otherwise, I just don't have an answer to what to do unless someone else might have a suggestion I would greatly appreciate any input you might have. I don't want Griffin embarrassed by what is happening or teased or worse yet.....bullied by some of the kids because after all he is 8 years old and it is a bit old for him to wet his pants. So far his teacher has not reported any of this happening or that the kids are laughing at him so maybe it's okay for now but something has got to be done to help stop it.

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