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Monday, August 16, 2010

Positive Student Profile

My new friend April gave me this Positive Student Profile for Griffin and I am so grateful for it because it is going to help Griffin's new teacher understand him so much better from the get go. Here it is:

Who is Griffin:

loves animals/wildlife
favorite color is red
loves his cat named Dot and his service dog named Abby
loves to draw
favorite TV show is Sesame St.

Griffin's strengths:

loves to laugh
cleans up and is helpful
has good manners
understands what is being said
has a great sense of humor

Griffin's challenges:

inability to effectively communicate which leads to high level of frustration.
dislikes unexpected change
difficulty completing an assignment with re-direction
difficulty with math
reluctant to do things on demand

What supports are needed for Griffin?

to observe and learn from “typical” children
to have a circle of friends for support
to have a routine that is structured yet flexible to allow for increased tolerance to change
a curriculum which can be modified where and when needed
communication between parent and teacher for support as a team

Other helpful information:

When Griffin gets upset and begins to have a meltdown it is best to talk to him and try to figure out what he is upset about to try and diffuse the situation first. Usually you can figure out what is wrong and help him to make the necessary changes in order to help him to calm down. Sometimes the reason that he is getting upset is that something changed out of the set routine. If the redirection doesn't work then it is worthwhile to get him to take deep breaths and calm down by talking to him and explaining the situation to him because he does understand logic and reason, this is how his mind operates. Griffin is a gentle child and does not lash out so he does not need to be restrained.

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