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Friday, April 22, 2011

Time for Change

I am officially quitting school and it is a big relief for me because all the stress of it was causing me to become overwhelmed and made my Fibtomyalgia flare up really bad, which is a sure sign that something is wrong. I know that I made the right decision because I feel 95% better today after having just made the decision yesterday. That's how the mind and body work. That is how stress works and I am not letting it effect me like that any longer!

It was just too much for me to try to manage a household, to give Griffin the attention he needs and deserves, to keep this place clean, to get to all the doctors appointments and therapy sessions, and to get my school work done and I know that people do it all the time even as single parents but that's okay but I just have a harder time than most people.

Now I will have more time to write in the blog again and to read all my friend's blogs YIPEE!


Melissa H said...

I always thought you were Superwoman, being the single mother of an autistic child and going to school at the same time.

Take care of yourself, Lora. Some things are just not as important as they seem. xxoo

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Happy Easter! Hope life gets better for you now :)

Aspie in the family said...

Hi there, I think you are right not to let stress take a hold. We have to look after ourselves so we can look after our children. Take care.

Michelle in Alaska said...

Good for you Lora! When I switched jobs last month, I instantly felt a difference in my back! Have not been to the chiropractor since :) and no stiff necks! I def. carry stress in my shoulders!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

I am glad you are happy with your decision. I recently made a decision like that I wasn't sure about, and felt a huge relief, like you, after. That let me know it was right. I hope your health improves and your stress level goes down.