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Monday, June 27, 2011

Autism Camp 2nd year

Griffin started his autism camp yesterday and it hasn't been easy for either one of us. He has had anxiety and a nervous stomach since before we even left home and the counselors are calling and talking to me about Griffin and his day telling me that he is participating in the activities but still has a stomach that hurts. They let Griffin talk to me for awhile and I have no idea if what I have said has helped him or not but I do try to remain positive. It is so hard for me to let go and to allow him to grow up it is true what they say that letting go takes much more strength than holding on.

I am trying to stay busy by cleaning the apartment and I plan to get back to reading my friends blogs again and maybe read all of those Discover magazines that I subscribed to and haven't had the time to read. I won't be exercising because I fractured my heel and strained several muscles in my left foot and I have no idea how I did it! I don't drink alcohol anymore so I wasn't drunk and if I had done it while sleepwalking it would seem that the pain would have awakened me. I have been wearing a walking cast for almost 3 weeks and have not noticed any improvement so I am going for a checkup on Wednesday.


DeeAnn said...

It is tough being a mom, but I'm sure you are doing the right thing by letting Griffin go to camp.

I do not understand how you can hurt your heel so badly and not know how you did it. :( Hang in there, okay!

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Sorry about your heel because it would be great if you could get out and exercise while Griffin is at camp - perhaps you will be able to swim when the cast comes off? Glad Griffin got to camp and I'm sure he will settle x

KC's Blog said...

Hi there you two! I have missed you guys so much! Look at how much Griffin has grown! What a beautiful boy and Lora you look gorgeous! Griffin will be ok at camp. Camp is a blast and I know he will enjoy it very much! Gosh I hope your heel is going to be ok?
Love you guys!

Deb at said...

Hi, my son gets a lot of anxiety and stomach aches but often it eases when he settles into something. But its hard reassuring him and often he won't leave the house. Autism camp sounds fabulous; we have nothing like this over here unfortunately. Sorry to hear about your heel but I hope it soon heals and you can get out. Deb x

Lora said...

@DeeAnn- It is hard to let him go like that but I try to keep in mind that it is good for both of us in many ways.

Blue Sky- I go to see the doctor this week I hope to see if I can stop wearing the cast.

OMG! I can't believe that it is you and that you are back online! I have missed you guys so very much and I hope that we can keep in touch this time. Love to all of you and great big hugs!!!!

@Deb- Thank you so much for your positive support, it means a lot to me

Lora said...

I meant for the third comment to be for KC's mom

eternalvow7 said...

I think you made a great decision in letting him join a camp. You're letting him grow. :)

I also happened to look up at the web and saw London counselling's site. I was amazed because they use art therapy. Wonder if this could be a good idea for the camp. All the best for you :)

Counselling Southampton said...

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