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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Transition from School to Summer

Maybe you have been wondering where I have been and I can kind of answer that question, time has just gotten away from me. I have been struggling with a bout of apathy where it doesn't matter to me if anything gets done....including this blog. I have taken care of the household duties and taken care of Griffin very well but outside of that everything that I used to enjoy is gone. I am working on it with my doctor.

Griffin is doing very well now that he is over that hump of a transition of school being out. Besides, it was only about 2 days worth of meltdowns and I think that today will be okay (crosses fingers & toes). I decided to not put him in the YMCA day camp because the ratio was so high, it was 20 children to 1 adult and that is way too high for Griffin. So for the summer he will have gymnastics on Tuesdays, OT on Wednesdays, pottery class on Thursdays, Speech on Fridays, Swimming on just about every day at the YMCA and Sundays the Unity Center.

It is time to go make breakfast for my handsome little prince. Hope that you all are having a smooth transition from school to summer. I plan to check out your blogs soon.


Melissa H said...

I know we're both going through our own whirlwinds right now and haven't had time to catch up and chat, but know that I am always thinking of and praying for you, dear friend. Love you! <3

jenny said...

Hello I wanted to say I understand how you feel I have alto of personal things going on right now with me but, I feel like I just don't have the time to deal with the. My son takes up all of me so there isn't anything left I feel like right now he has so much going on in his life that I just can't get to my stuff. It is really exhaughting and it makes your heart break a little. I just keep telling myself to take a breath. I guess that is why we all search eachother out because only another parent can understand expecially when your doing by yourself. I found atleast a little comfort in god finding religion again is calming to me now.

Looking for Blue Sky said...

It sounds like you have Griffin's summer very well organised x

jazzygal said...

yes, I have indeed been wonderi ng where you've been! Hope you're feeling more energetic soon ;-)
Sounds like you have summer sorted for Griffin. Another 2.5 weeks here before school finishes.

xx Jazzy

Ella said...

Hello I'm Ella, Iman's mother. My son, Muhammad Tajul Iman was born on 15th June 2003. He was like a normal boy when he was born until he was up to 2 years. We noticed something not right in him. He's physically normal, but there are a few things that makes us so worry. When he was 2 1/2 year old, we referred him to the Hospital as I noticed my son always knocked his head for no reason. Also, I noticed he was not able to speak or communicate with us thoroughly, no eye contact, and temper tantrums. After a series on treatment and follow up, the Doctor at HUKM diagnosed him to have Autism and ADHD (Attention Defisit Hyperactive Disorder) problem. I hope you all can sharing anything about autism child.Please welcome to my son blog

Deb at said...

Hi, great to see you back to blogging. Griffin's activities sound fabulous and I hope he has a great time. We have a few weeks before we break up and to be honest I'm a bit nervous about the transition and the probable meltdowns. PS: my blog has now moved from Aspergers family life and me to as I was having so many problems with blogger not letting me comment on other peoples blogs.