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Monday, June 18, 2012

How Our Summer is Going

I haven't been on the computer much since school has been out, Griffin spends time on it mostly, I am on the Android sending out e-mail and on Facebook when I do something while on the couch resting my foot and knee. I just found out that I have a torn meniscus in my left knee that I do not know how I injured unless it was when I was in the wheelchair. Anyhow, I have been hobbling around like a little old lady in a lot of pain and trying to do as much as I can with Griffin but at the same time I have to take it easy on my foot too still. I went to see my foot doc and he told me that it was still too early to not take into consideration the fact that I had major surgery on it only 3 months ago and that it was normal to still be on pain meds.

Griffin is not so violent with his meltdowns but they are still frequent even though I am giving him fair warning of what we are doing ahead of time and we are in a routine. We do things the same every day except for appointment days but those are not necessarily the days he has the meltdowns.

I am tired. I will write more another night that I stay up late and have access to the computer again LOL! I do miss reading my dear friend's blogs but it really is uncomfortable to sit here because it makes my foot throb.

I hope that my Aunt Patty and the whole family gets to move here, I would love so much for them to get to meet Griffin and I would love so much to hug her again! I love you Aunt Patty!

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