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Saturday, June 02, 2012

School is Out

Griffin has been having violent outbursts lately and it concerns me especially since summer is here and we are spending all of our time together, I think it is time to see his developmental pediatrician to adjust his Abilify. There hasn't been a change in it for 5 years so I think that maybe it is time that we revisit it.

We just went to see his neurologist about the Clonidine for sleep and for his tics and he said that I could increase his meds as needed up to 2 1/2 for now and then he we will start seeing Griffin's developmental pediatrician for now on about that med, there's no need to see so many doctors when Griffin is really doing fine. His tics have gone away for now, I think the anxiety about the bullies had a lot to do with it.

Aunt Patty I want to say that Griffin and I look forward to seeing you and the whole family and that we just cannot wait to give you a great big hug! My Aunt Patty was so kind and generous as to make it possible for Griffin to go to camp this summer so be looking out for news about his adventures at camp later on. He is so excited but I can't really tell him too much because it is not quite set up, the director from the Autism Society has to do training for the staff at the YMCA and then we can decide which week Griffin can go.

Griffin is really looking forward to going to middle school, we are having an IEP meeting on the 5th about all the changes that are being made to accommodate him in the mainstream classroom. They are going to tell the classroom that he has autism so that the kids will know when Griffin has a behavior such as a meltdown and they will know how to or not to react/respond. I think that it is best that they know, education is the key at any age. I think that it was a mistake that they didn't tell the kids this year and that is why Griffin had the problem with the bullies.....they laughed at him when he had a meltdown.

My foot is still healing and I cannot do much on it, I still have to elevate it often but we still get to go out to the lake several times a week. The left foot still needs surgery and hurts like hell but it could be worse! I really can't complain, I have a good life.....I am blessed!

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